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VT003F Vibration for Bone Density

Tessa 2/17/2020 

★★★★★  Best affordable linear vibration platform. Hoping to arrest osteoporosis.

There are so many stellar reviews of this that another one is hardly needed. But I am so pleased with this that I just had to add my voice.

I have severe osteoporosis, and even though I am healthy and fit, I recently had a couple of fragility fractures in my foot. I finally decided I have to throw everything I can at this problem, and along with medical care and many supplements, I decided to investigate vibration. Quickly learned that only linear (not oscillating) vibration will stimulate bone growth. Even then the research is not clear that mature adults will benefit. The research that showed the positive effects of linear vibration was done with children (who were recovering from chemotherapy). You cannot necessarily extrapolate to adults. However, there were also some testimonials from adults who had been using another very expensive linear vibration platform, in which they said that they absolutely experienced increased bone mineral density. I am not convinced but I am willing to give it a go. I do understand the theory of why this could be of benefit to bones, the method of operation, so to speak, and that is more than I can say about the drug that I am being encouraged to start taking.

I have been using it for several weeks at low amp and 30 Hz. I read my email and the news, or watch TED talks while I am on the platform. (I built a little tower on top of my desk to put my laptop on so it sits at the correct height for me to read when I am "vibrating.") I use it three times a day. The ten minutes pass quickly and sometimes I go again. Honestly cannot say I feel any different but as with so many other things, you commit to the best plan you can come up with, stick to it, and hope for the best. I have used many supplements that have changed by life for the better. Like supplements, a platform will never be studied because it's not patentable and there is no money to be made by big companies, therefore no one to fund the studies. While I don't totally eschew pharmaceuticals, I believe that we have to find our own individual paths.

The platform is sturdy and works well. It is a serious machine and frankly, even though the price keeps going up, it is a great value, especially compared to the only other linear platform out there. The company (Jay) is very forthcoming in stating that he is not promoting this as a possible remedy for any problems; he is simply providing an excellent machine that is true to the specifications and is durable, with excellent customer support.

Ron Gebhart 1/7/2018

★★★★★ Sturdy and useful.

Bought our unit in April 2018. Has worked as described and is very sturdy. We use it to increase bone density. Would recommend this unit to others.

Christy 12/9/2018

★★★★★ Highly recommended

I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of machines before I chose this one. I am very glad this is the one I chose. I looked at the lower frequency platforms but I knew I wanted one that went to 30 Hz (bone health) and those did not. This one does (level 13). I also read somewhere that 18 Hz is good for your eyes. That is level 3. Neither of these levels are available in the lower frequency machines.

The shipping and presentation was quick and professional. I unpacked the machine and turned it on and got started. The footprint is very small and I leave it set up behind a chair out of the way but with easy access.

I am in my 60s and have a lot of health issues dating back to a toxic mold exposure and a lot of misdiagnoses and wrong medications. I knew my lymphatic system was clogged and felt very sluggish and overall unhealthy. I tried 10,000 steps a day, body brushing and more to get things moving, but it nothing was working.

I knew that if this helped the price was cheap and if it did not help the price was very expensive. Well it helped from day one! And as far as I know, there is no other platform in this price range with the flexibility and power of this one.

It has been approximately one month since I bought this vibration platform. I use it 2 to 3 times a day for 10 minutes. I feel much better overall. My energy and ability to get on with the day has improved dramatically. I still crash hard at the end of the day, but the day itself is like a whole new me.

The lymphatic system seems to have kicked into gear and is moving along fine now. My body feels more tone even if it does not look more tone. My sleep has improved and I already mentioned the energy.

I definitely recommend this vibration platform

Pranunan 2/24/2019

★★★★★ Good build quality on this device and costumer service is very quick to respond.

I bought this device to hopefully change my dexa scan results. Of course I'm doing everything I can do to rebuild bone with supplements, collagen, and lifting weights. A hyperparathyroid was the cause of this bone loss, and it was of course by accident that I found out about it. I'm hoping now, knowing what I know and doing all I can, that I can reverse it to some degree. This device isn't a medical unit, but perhaps at a conservative setting this will help, and I do think it's a quality device and the costumer service is very quick and helpful to respond. I'll know in a year if this works or not.

Chase 1/8/2020

★★★★★ Two amplitude settings (High & Low) are a great feature for this unit!

We purchased this unit recently to improve bone health. My wife and I both have bad osteoporsis and we need a unit that has adjustable frequencies and amplitudes. 30Hz is recommended for bone health which this unit has, but it also starts at 15Hz which is best for starting out. I may be able to use the higher amplitude, but my wife will need the lower amplitude due to lower bone density in her spine. Bone health effectiveness won't be known for a year or two, but it should help. Cheaper vibration plates with a wobble motion and low frequencies are not likely to help with bone density. NOTE: Many users of vibration plates complain about remotes that don't work. I had the same problem the original and one replacement remote. After communicating with the company, I learned it was MY FAULT! I wasn't pointing the remote at the Control Panel, like a T.V.. Both remotes work great! One other note - at higher frequencies the unit will tend to move on wood floors and vibrate loose items in a room. The manufacturer provides 4 round vibration pads to help this condition. As recommended, it works great on carpet! Since this unit generates significant G forces, I would recommend starting out at the low amplitude and 15Hz and gradually work up to your desired settings over a period of 3 or 4 weeks. Customer service is great, so if you have any questions, please contact the company. Good Luck.

MG  9/17/2019

★★★★★ Affordable quality

Seems very sturdy and well-built. Easy to use. I've only had it a short time, so don't know what benefits I may see over time. I bought it in hopes of improving my bone density, but it'll be a couple of years before I'm tested again for that.
My only complaint is that it did not come with more information, especially regarding the different frequencies and what tissues respond best to each of them, or what benefits each might best provide.

Amazon Customer 6/1/2019

★★★★★ recommendations are for 20Hz to help with osteoporosis- for the money this is an excellent machine!

Excellent! Easy to adjust to the 20 hertz recommended for bone density. Helps joint pain! AND arrived about a week before they said it would!

Peaceful Dragon  5/9/2019

★★★★★ Powerful vibration machine without breaking the bank

This is not the cheapest vibration machine you can find on Amazon, but if you are looking for a biohacking grade powerful one: linear vibration, 30 Hertz, you will get the best return for your money. Comparable ones from name brands can easily run over one thousand to several thousand dollars.

I found this particular model from the X3 bar users group on Facebook. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and found it gives me similar kind of vibration as Vibeplate or Bulletproof Vibe, Stronger if on hi amplitude. Using it twice a day, I think it helps me break plateau at Osteostrong: my numbers have been increasing significantly.

The only thing unexpected is that if using indoors, my house shakes too much, so I have to use it outside. Not a problem for me, just give me more time to get sunlight.

Customer service is great.

Overall a budget friendly and great add on to my biohacking stack.

mr. 505 1/2/2018 

★★★★★  Amplitude for bone health

This is a rare find being that is low amplitude and proper vibration type which is good for bone health. The only other units similar to this I found were $3000 or more. The unit itself is very quiet and powerful with full adjustment and dual vibration modes..The unit is an optimal size and not too haevy so it is easy to move. The remote works great.I just got it today and am very impressed with the quality.This is the one to get.