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VT007 Vibration Plate

VT007 is our signature vibration plate model. It is re-engineered and optimized from our popular model VT003F, which we have been sold over 12000 units by the end of 2022. Its vibration pattern and parameters have been approved by thousands of active users as effective for a wide range of health improvement applications.

VT007 is designed with less parts. It has a separated plug-in control box.

VT007 is more reliable and creates less mechanical noise. Overall, VT007 has improved durability, performance and usability.

VT007's specs and performance are comparable to commercial grade linear vibration plate.

VT007 features an adjustable wide frequency range and two amplitude setting, making it versatile for various health improvement applications.

VT007 is probably the best linear vibration plate ever made.

Hip Muscle Exercise (L-Squat)

Performing L-squat on a linear vibration plate is probably the most practical exercise for training the major muscles around the hip and stimulate bone growth at the critical femoral neck.

The rapidly repeated skeletal muscle contraction induced by vibration makes L-squat much more efficient and effective.

Learn more about the benefits and tips about L-squat.

Foot Muscle Training (Tiptoe)

The performance of the foot muscles is essential for our balance, stability and maneuverability, especially for senior people to live a quality life.

Tiptoe and calf raise on a linear vibration plate are the most practical way to enhance foot muscles and lower leg muscles, for their strength, performance and functionality.

Learn more about the benefits and tips

Research Incentive Program (Osteoporosis)

We offer a research incentive program for the study of using vibration therapy to treat osteoporosis.

Each participant will get $100 cash reward.

For registration, please use the discount code below at the check-out.


Osteoporosis Research Incentive Program

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