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Introducing Vibration Therapeutic

Vibration Therapeutic represents a series of high quality vibration plates and exceptional services, which are developed to bring vibration therapy to the convenience of home use.

 Vibration therapy, a practical and fundamental heath solution, has not been well recognized, because the applications have not been well studied and documented, and good quality vibration plates are expensive.

At Vibration Therapeutic, we are devoted to promote the awareness of the vibration therapy, study and share applications, and deliver suitable and affordable products to your home.


I use this 2-3 times a day, 10 min at 35hz for health. I’ve been through hell the last 5 years— too many symptoms to mention. A couple years ago I discovered by chance that several symptoms(headaches and pressure on the left side of my head, tremors, insomnia) were helped by applying a thumping massager to the side of my head and neck. Over the last year I’ve purchased larger and more expensive massagers and each time noticed a bit of a bump to my health. Most recently I had purchased a platform, but not a linear model— and after reading up on linear decided to pull the trigger on this product. In combination with compression boots and ice headwraps, this product has given me a new life! After years of seeing the best doctors I still don’t know what’s happening to me, but I suspect a vascular and lymph issue, because this product has lessened numerous symptoms that are typical as vascular, lymph, and Vagus nerve related. I can’t recommend this more.

Daniel R.