VT003F for stress anxiety

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VT003F Vibration Plate for Anxiety and Stress Relief

elizabeth r, 5/14/2020

★★★★★   Fantastic product! Fantastic customer service!

I have been using this vibration plate for 2 years and thoroughly recommend it. When stressed, it relaxes me. When in need of energy, it energizes. I also use as an adjunct to my fitness routine. And best of all, the customer service is fantastic. I misplaced my remote and the company replaced it promptly and free of charge. So nice!!

Grandmama3 8/7/2018


I've had this vibration machine for a month now. My health is very poor, so mostly I just sit in a chair with my feet resting on the machine. This type of vibration is exactly what I needed. It's relaxing and lowers my anxieties and stress levels. I use it many times each day, for 10 or 20 minutes. It's sturdy, well built, easy to move around and the remote works really well. A machine with this type of movement and for this low price is almost unheard of. I have so much more to say, but I'm too tired and need to stop now. I will try to update. 9-11-18 update: A week after I wrote my original review I was telling my sister "I wonder what other benefits I'm getting from this machine?" And she said "I've noticed that your feet and ankles are smaller." So I look at my feet and my feet and ankles are definitely less swollen! I'm still loving this machine and I'm still using it many times a day. So easy, so relaxing.