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VT003F Vibration Plate for Back Pain Relief

R.L1 10/12/2019

★★★★★ It eases my lower back pain

I did numbers of research regarding the linear vibration machine, and I am so glad that I got the right one. The item works as described, sturdy structure and high frequency vibration.
It eases my lower back pain; I have used it daily for one month! Recommended

Amazon Customer 10/20/2019 

★★★★★  Really helped my Back Pains

This thing really helped my back pain. I have a annular tear disc herniation in L5-S1 along with diet changes and lifestyle changes this has been one of the best things I've tried for helping manage my pain. I use it 10min in the morning before work. And sometimes at night. I have tried several different types of vibration therapy machines. The linear motion seems to be best for my injury. The other type I bought actually hurt my back and had to return them. I also tried a few at the chiropractors I've been too which were way too expensive for me but I feel this is just as good as theres and affordable. I been using mine for over 2years now with no issues.

walter 8/5/2018

★★★★★ Eased my back and neck issues

I have had it for 10 days now and so far I am very pleased. This machine works great. It appears to be well constructed and robust. We will see how it does over time.

Lee Thompsonv 8/4/2018

★★★★★ Deep Tissue Vibration

This product is terrific! We have not had it long enough to tell if our muscles really are getting toned, but I really believe that it has helped my back pain. I love this product, and am very happy that I did not buy the one seen on TV. This one is so much better.

VFB 11/10/2018

★★★★★  Good machine and good customer sevice.

I have had this device for about 6 weeks. Although I was reluctant at first to see if it would help my back and leg pain, it definitely made a positive difference. My legs feel stronger and the pain is considerably less. My wife tried it for knee pain (at low speed) and was pleased that it helped. If used on a hard floor it should be placed on a mat of some type, or else it will travel. The vibrations range is impressive, particularly at this price. Have used it daily and it seems very reliable. It can be a bit noisy, but other than that, it works fine.

The seller supplied a more comprehensive user manual after the sale on his own initiative. Response to a few questions was almost immediate and a subsequent service request was addressed in the same manner. I would rate the customer service as excellent.
Update - May 2019
I am 75 and have arthritis as well as degenerative spine disease. I have been using this device since last November and it is very effective at relieving my back and leg pain. I use it every day. My wife had some knee pain and issues that using this device seemed to have resolved. The device is reliable and the customer service from the seller is excellent.

Vic Rompa 5/3/2019

★★★★★ Works as well as $1500 professional platform

First of all, my wife and I visit a "Maximized Living" chiropractor that utilizes vibration platforms after treatment (with head weights) amongst our wobbles and neck stretches. I love the vibration platform, makes my joint aches and pains go away without drugs. I am sure in combo with other. Nothing substitutes for the Dr. I just wanted more frequency on stuff we can do on our own.

I searched the internet and compared the spec's of many vibration platforms before I bought (key is "high frequency" @ 30Hz). Most of them oscillate at low frequency, not vibrate vertically like this one.

I can duplicate the effect of my chiropractors platform with the VT003F but I need to move my feet around to get same spinal vibe. I brought it in to Dr office and compared to my Dr's platform side by side. Dr agreed it can do the job at the right frequency.

The Dr's machine has a sturdier platform. It has a larger area I can stand on and it always gives me the same vibration effect (up legs, spine to head, at 30 Hz).

But, as I said, I can duplicate the effect of the pro vibration platform on the VT003F.
And, at $250 on Amazon versus $1500 for "LiveVibe" it is a no brainer for me.

Also, I have been using program P1 and really like the cyclic auto frequency change.
My wife also likes the exercise book and has been using it in that fashion.

So, wife and I have been using it now frequently, we like it.

Fred 5/26/2019

★★★★☆Good if you want to control frequency

I tried one like this in Japan while visiting family and friends it was great. I went online and did a little bit of research and they say the key to these is the frequency. I bought this one just because of that, so far i use it every other day for about 15 minutes @ 25Hz. It works for me and my back feels better overall I just wish it was a bit wider to stand on.

steve stehr 8/14/2019

★★★★★ Awesomeness

I am a fitness junkie and certified personal trainer (non practicing, except on myself) who just turned 60. Because of flat-sore feet (thanks, mom), fragile ankles, arthritic knees, and an iffy back and neck that I've been working on keeping as strong as possible at the gym since my joint decline started in my younger 40s, my largest fitness issue is pain management. I have been treating very sore knees with steroid shots beginning in the last year, to be able to walk and manage steps as pain free as possible.

Last week, I read an article about the health pros and cons of vibration plates. I immersed myself in research, and ended up buying this machine because I wanted a high frequency linear vibration machine as a new way to work on my achy feet and joints. My machine came last night, and I set it up this morning. I've been getting to know the machine and how my body reacts to it for the past two hours, using every program, and manual usage on all possible settings of frequency and amplitude, standing and sitting directly on the machine, using it as a footrest, and directly putting my hands on the platform to most effectively access my wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

For me, this two hour session has done more to melt away my arthritic pain (all joints and feet) than any other single workout strategy or injection I've tried in my 20 years of experimentation. Accordingly, this machine is going to get a ton of use from me.

First impression of machine quality: very good. As you approach maximum frequency (at both amplitude settings), it hums loudly and can rattle a bit, varying in intensity based on how/where my weight is distributed on the plate. I will update this review over time, as I get a better feel for its durability and overall performance in the future. So, far, I could not be more pleased.

My only suggestion to address the largest design flaw with this machine is to reengineer the straps, which come loose at high levels of frequency when you use them as designed, with the loop closed with velcro. After several failures attaching the velcro in different ways at different lengths, I knotted the loop straps as close to the platform as I could, the only approach I have found to keep the straps at the intended length without coming loose-detached. If anyone has found a better solution to this issue, please share it with me.

Wishing good vibrations to all, hoping everyone gets the pain reduction results I have experienced after my first morning of use.

Cristina C.1/21/2020

★★★★★ Unbelievable!! A lifetime of pain gone...

I NEVER write reviews, but this machine has changed my life. I have been in pain around my midsection for the past 10-15 years, major sacrum issues and thousands of dollars spent on massages etc.. I have full rotation in my neck now, and my sacrum and hip area is in perfect alignment. A few 10 minute sessions and i feel absolutely amazing...I highly recommend buying this machine!

Ted  4/6/2018

★★★☆☆ It works on my lower back!

I had a lower back pain for couple week. My friend told me get one of this Vibration Fitness Machine. I tried it for the 1st time, my lower back reduce 50% pain free right away. I been using for last 3 days (Day & Night). Now, I am pain free! :-). This machine really work!
BUT, couple thing I know.
1. Two vibration intensity setting (Low & High) does not work. I felt low & high vibration are the same.
2. 3 preset play program. NOT even work. I tried both manual and remote control.

Not really sure , if I want to keep it.

Rick N. 2/8/2020

★★★★★ Feeling Great, More Energy, More Strength after just a couple of short sessions per day!

Even my girlfriend that tried the oscillation types which target the muscles and mid area loves this unit! Using this unit gave her relief in the lower back area and she hardly needs pain killers anymore. I'm not getting younger, in my 50s, while exercising, strength building and stretching are very important to me, this unit helps me more. I spend less time, only few minutes, while getting great physical results. I can even watch tv while I'm on it. I did some research on the benefits of vibration and this unit was the best I found of cost and result comparison. I highly recommend trying this unit if you are looking for an excellent linear vibration machine. And the customer service is Awesome! Give it try and I think you will not regret it. Good Vibrations!

Kristie Ferreira 5/22/2018

★★★★★ Helps with foot pain

So far, so good. Pain in my foot feels much better after using it for 10 minutes. My only complaint is that it tickles my nose.