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VT003F Vibration Plate for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

M.L. 2/8/2020

★★★★★ Best (and least expensive) of Three that I Own

Started whole body vibration therapy about in 2010 for my then-teenage son who has cerebral palsy and uses a power chair. We've owned two other plates including a $2000+ version via Costco with a much larger footprint and but it's the Vibration Therapeutics that offers maximum vibration/directions, ease of use and tremendous support. The company even checked in with me soon after purchase to answer any questions. My son is building his tolerance but feels better using the machine regularly. I selected this product because of the specs. A secondary benefit is that it's 21.5" wide so it could slip between the upper secondary wheels of his Permobil C5 standing wheelchair (22" max available) means he can use it more frequently and with significantly less effort than other plates. I was concerned it would be too small to be powerful, but as mentioned this sucker is much more powerful than my fuller-sized and more expensive models I own. I'll let your research (or the company) detail why this one technically is so outstanding, but functionally this one is superlative and a fraction of the price. I've been using for my workouts, of course, but I also used it for recovery - five days of planking a huge ceiling and hanging backsplash and I'd rest my forearms on the platform with little muscle soreness the next day. Anecdotal? Perhaps but I will use it again the same way in the future - smile.