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VT003F Vibration Plate for Chronic Fatigue Disorder Treatment

JK  8/4/2018

★★★★★ Great high frequency device on a budget, solid build and customer

 I did a lot of looking and research on finding a home vibration platform that would help me out with some chronic problems. I almost bought one of the low frequency oscillating platforms (seesaw motion) for about $150 range but realized these would be too limited for my range of uses. The VT00T3F is a low amplitude (the amount of movement), high frequency (the speed of movements) for a cost within home use means. It is not as powerful as the professional ones you'll find at the gym or PT but those run in the $1000-2000 plus instead of the modest $250 this one costs. Take a look at the Vibration Therapeutic website for information and comparison. I'm very glad I went for this type of machine instead of the cheaper low frequency ones.

I'm in my 60's, have had chronic fatigue disorder (exertion intolerance) and osteo spurs in one ankle, both of which make active exercise difficult. As it turns out I've found that both these conditions are improved by better lymphatic drainage as well. My wife is also concerned about bone health and it appears that the higher frequency vibration is needed to support bone density which cheaper machines aren't capable of. So my aims are passive exercise, assisted active exercise and muscle toning, lymphatic stimulation and promoting bone health.

I've had the VT00T3F for about a week and I am loving it. It appears to be solidly built and sturdy and I feel assured by the 2 year warranty. I've had need of customer support as the little remote broke and the customer service response through their Amazon link was fantastic- speedy and helpful, they sent a new one right away. Kudos.

This machine is powerful and may be too strong for some. You have to work with it over time and adjust to use with the stronger modes and faster frequency settings. I'd recommend having a chair back to balance and steady yourself as you experiment with stronger settings as the vibration can feel dizzying. You can also sit in a chair and let it vibrate your feet, sit on the device to stimulate leg and pelvic lymphatics, lie on the floor with calves or thighs on the machine for leg lymphatics and so on. You can find some great exercise sequences to use from the web for this kind of device.

What surprised me was how much my muscles were worked using the platform with different exercises. I was actually sore after the first uses and I could only hold poses for short periods at first. It clearly helps my overall muscle tone, especially if you attend to good posture as you stand on it. Any muscles you intentionally tighten and hold will feel more specifically worked when you get enough vibration going. It also has a noticeable affect on my brain fog as lymphatics get moving, especially head, sinus and neck lymphatic drainage. Very little I've tried over many, many years has had an affect on this symptom, so this is of special note. I can kneel on the floor and lean my elbows on the platform and rest my face into my hands to get these lymphatics open.

Overall, my early impressions are of a quality machine, responsive customer service and the closest thing you can get for a budget to high cost professional models and has noticeable impact on supporting my own particular health concerns. I'll add to this if I have anything useful over time.

PS- I'd recommend getting the vibration dampening pads some have mentioned so you don't shake the pictures off the wall!