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VT003F Vibration Plate for Fibromyalgia Treatment

Richard 1/2/2020

★★★★★ Sceptic to believer

Having a spouse with fibromyalgia the frequent need for massage and kneading of her muscles has nearly completely been replaced by this vibration plate machine! It has also really toned her and taken years off her look and firmness! I was a sceptic when she said she wanted one, only to see REAL results after consistent use! The size is just right at big enough to even plank off of and yet be able to be slid under the bed when not in use. She has combined this with a proper diet and is seeing amazing results in just a few weeks of use. Amazing well-built and solid product!

Joe&Diana 12/2/2020

★★★★★ Get it!

This was AMAZING! Worked as well as the $3,000 machine at physical therapy. It helps my fibromyalgia and my body all around. Well worth the money. Don't waste your money on the little ones that don't work or the pricey ones that don't do anymore than this one.