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VT003F Vibration Plate for Circulation Improvement

Phil G. 12/11/2018

★★★★★ Good Vibrations + Outstanding Customer Service

I have been a customer on Amazon since 2002 & this is only the 2nd item I bought that motivated me to write a review. And the first one was just a goofy joke I wrote in 2013. I have been using the VT003F for close to 3 months---generally twice a day for 10 minutes each time.

First, I will say a few words about myself. (You can skip this if you like.) I am 67 years old and work out in the gym 5 days a week. My exercise routine includes weight training, yoga & cardio. I do cardio by doing high-intensity interval training on an elliptical machine (or when I am too tired I do the HIIT on a stationary bike). My workouts are not that long, usually about 45 minutes. That's not too shabby, but I will never be a Navy Seal---not even close.

In 2016, I injured my knee & hip by falling while repairing a hole in my bedroom ceiling. Four months of physical therapy did nothing to ease my pain. However, over time I started to heal, although my flexibility & comfort level never fully returned. My other health challenges include poor circulation (cold hand & feet), balance problems (in the last year) & chronic fatigue.

The 1st thing I noticed on the VT003F is that after just about 5 minutes of exercise I start to sweat. In other words, my circulation is improving. Parts of my exercise routine on the machine target balance, flexibility & strength. I am feeling measurable gains in all these areas. My hip has improved the most, although knee pain still has a way to go. Equally important, the exercise is not drudgery. It is FUN.

The first thing I noticed about the VT003F is how durable & well-built it is. Everything essential is made of steel. The folks who engineered & constructed this machine are real professionals, & the VT003F is made to last.

I am very impressed by the technical specs of the unit. Most companies offering machines in this price range do not say a word about the G-force of their WBV machines, but this is one of the most important elements for this technology. The VT003F displays on the Amazon page that this unit has a G-force of 5.82.

Two other critical elements of WBV machines are frequency and amplitude. I ain't no engineer, but I will just report what I have read when deciding what machine to buy in my price range. Frequency refers to how fast the machine vibrates each second. Plus the higher the machine's amplitude, the stronger the vibration. There is a well-known manufacturer that sells a WBV machine for over $1,200, more than 4 times the price of the VT003F. Yet their machine has a fixed frequency of 30 Hz and a fixed amplitude of 4mm. With the VT003F, users can easily adjust the frequency from 15 to 40 Hz & the amplitude can be adjusted from 1.5mm to 3mm.

There were only two things I was somewhat dissatisfied with in this machine. I had been forewarned that the VT003F was a high frequency unit & therefore louder than low frequency machines. As suggested, I put 2 pads under the VT003F, and to my relief I have not gotten a single complaint from neighbors in my old apartment building.
Second, I was disappointed that the exercise straps were inelastic. I would have preferred the strong, thick elastic straps I sometimes use either at the gym or at home. However, the seller mentioned that the straps were inelastic on the Amazon product page. Inelastic straps seem to be the norm in all the WBV machines I have seen, even the very expensive units.

Last, but not least, I have to say the customer service has been truly outstanding. They answered all my questions thoroughly within 24 hours. This was true before buying the product, to make sure this high frequency machine was right for me. Also, they continued to answer questions for well over a month after my purchase was complete. They even answered me when I asked about a friend who had a knee injury more serious than my own. In a nutshell, they advised my friend to consult a medical professional who was familiar with WBV machines to find out if this technology could be helpful.

That's it. I like to write but I doubt many folks read this entire review. Maybe some readers skimmed through it.

RRK 8/23/2018

★★★★☆ Works extremely well and strong....comparable to those many times more expensive.

I have used the $2000 plus WBV platforms at the gym, and have found that they are great for flexibility and all around feeling good. Since I sit a lot for hours at work, I needed something to get my blood circulating and ease the stiffness. Because good vibration platforms are so expensive I was ready to try DYI and had priced motors etc. But this one seemed to be built the way I would build one...for less and with variable speed and amplitude controls. The cheap ones on line did not seem to meet the minimal specs like those that Bulletproof sells. Granted, this platform is not steel, will not last a lifetime of use and subject to vibration noise if you do not stand on it centered... but it performs better than anything I could have made and at 1/5th the price of a commercial grade platform. The vendor is very transparent as to who makes it in China etc. (there is another vendor of the product that is not so transparent and so the trust factor goes down. For the price I am very pleased and would recommend it to anyone. We will see how long it holds up....therefore only 4 stars and not 5.