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VT003F Vibration Plate for Fitness Training 

CB, 4/19/2020

★★★★★   Best purchase I have made all year!

I love this machine! I use it everyday and my 19 year old son uses twice a day, before and after workouts,running etc. Looking to purchase another one for my oldest son. I have purchased other products before and the newest fades and it collects dust or goes to the Goodwill. Not my vibe plat NEVER! Could not do without it!!!!

patty87  2/5/2020

★★★★★ Totally Worth the Investment!!

My husband and I use this vibration plate nearly everyday in our home gym. Great for everything from pain relief to recovery of muscle soreness, pulled muscles, and even sinus infections. I love using the plate standing, sitting and using a foam roller or tennis ball on top of the plate for flossing muscles groups. When I have a cold, I use it morning and evening, and I think it definitely shortens the time I have the cold and if nothing else gives me some sinus relief. Highly recommend this product. I contacted customer service about a question I had and they were very quick to respond and overly helpful! Get this plate and get your vibe on!!

LightWorker 8/23/2019

★★★★★ This machine rocks!

I'm a believer in efficient fitness routines (such as the 7-minute workout). Now I can enhance even that intense workout by doing some of those same exercises (bridges, planks, squats) on my vibe plate. It's a great machine at an excellent price—I've seen the same one selling for $1500--and I've had it since December 2017 (21 months so far) with no problems. For a home user, this is the unit. I'm always amazed at how much I'm sweating just doing things like 10 minutes of tai chi poses. As I understand it, vibration fitness was originally developed by the Russian space program and then adopted by NASA, as a way of helping astronauts get back into shape quickly after their muscles had atrophied while in weightless space. How cool is that. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

W Alani 7/1/2019

★★★★★ Amazing !!

can't believe how my body feels after only 3 days of use . I do a lot of activities like cycling, running and hiking so some soreness in my muscles and knees is normal but when I started using vibration therapy after working out I feel great with no soreness at all, it's like doing an hour of stretching in 10 min. I looked for a while for a compact linear machine and I found a great one. So far I love it

Mattew 5/10/2019

★★★★★ Buy one!

This machine is awesome! I have been using it for two weeks now and my calves are already more toned. It helped me break my plateau lifting as well. Love the product!

Rich Hong  3/22/2019

★★★★★ Highly recommended, very convenient for in-home use

We are very pleased with our VT003F Vibration Plate. In our family we have elite athletes, and this machine assists not only in the daily maintenance of the body, but also in injury recovery. It is nearly as powerful as the professional power plates we have used at athletic training facilities. I haven't tried other home units, so I can only compare it to the professional ones. Our boys use it daily to prepare their bodies before working out and it's so convenient to use it for warming up right before jogging, for example. My wife builds tone in her arms by lifting light weights as she uses it, and because it promotes lymphatic drainage, it has wonderful health and wellness benefits.

Also, in researching this product, we were specifically looking for a linear motion vibration platform. This one is so much more affordable than others, and upon arrival, we can tell it is of high quality. I have also communicated with their customer support in getting answers to questions and they are very responsive and helpful. This is an excellent product, and I highly recommend this machine for anyone.

Wayne C Foote 11/18/2018

★★★★★ Excellent supplement for athletes

I am very pleased with this product. First off, it comes pre-assembled; just take it out of the box and plug it in. Second, although the paper manual was inadequate, I received a pdf the day after it arrived which answered all my questions. The motor is very powerful, so you will be able to find a setting that works for you. I work out 7 days a week and my primary objective was sore muscle relief. It works very effectively for that, so I don't need muscle relaxants. I believe my sleep quality has improved, and I wake up without sore muscles. I use it every day.

greenteapanda  12/10/2019

★★★★★ Super powerful, quality build

This is the most powerful vibration plate I've used, and that includes that actual Power Plate models. Before the item arrived, I got a message stating the package would include anti-vibration pads - but the pads would reduce vibration intensity.

Of course, I wanted to try the machine at maximum power, and it has suction cups at the four corners, so I put it directly on the non carpeted floor of my modern high rise apartment building. Not only did pictures vibrate on the walls and liquids move visibly in containers, it wasn't long before I got a knock on the door by building workers. There were some complaints about noise, so the staff were looking for where it was coming from. I am guessing the machine at some frequencies was strong enough to hit the resonant frequency of the building and cause the building to make low frequency noise.

Since then, so as not to disturb the neighbors, I have used the pads. They work well - no more incidences of noise complaints caused by my apartment. It is still much stronger than the previous machines I have used, and for new users probably desirable to use the pads to make sure the vibration amplitude is not too strong.

I was already in decent shape before acquiring this machine - I use it to help me wake up in the morning and to keep in shape. My apartment building has a gym, but a lot of the exercise equipment there restricts body movement and is therefore less effective for building muscle and more likely to cause injuries. The ability to use the VT High Frequency Linear Vibration Plate Machine in my apartment with free weights is much safer and much more effective. I can be dead tired in the morning, but by the third minute on this machine and my exercise routine, I'll be sweating and feeling awake for the day.

I have been using this machine for a couple of months, and haven't had any reliability issues, but I am still reassured by the fact the machine comes with a build diagram listing all the parts and the guarantee replacement parts will be available for 3 years after the end of the warranty period (as stated in the Q&A on the Amazon page for this product). Some previous vibration machines had problems with the power cable disconnecting from the vibration, but not this one. The build is very sturdy.

Michael W. Shum 10/4/2019

★★★★★ Top Quality Product, Exceptional Service, Highly Recommended!

My wife and I tried the ZAAZ model at Costco and started researching a more cost-effective model after. We decided to purchase this specific model based on the following reasons:

1) Consistently good reviews that pass the Fakespot analysis.

2) An educational and professional website of the seller.

3) Reviews indicate first-rate after-sale service by Jay, the founder.

The machine was delivered fast within the week. No assembly is required and can be used right out of the box.

There are 2 important factors based on my previous research that motive me to buy this machine:

1) Activities that introduce bone stress are useful to prevent osteoporosis.

2) Activities that require balancing are helpful in stimulating hormones in the body.

I've been using the machine at least twice daily since I got it. I go through a lighter warm-up session in the morning to get my day started. In the evening, I usually run the machine in higher intensity or Program 3 for more of a workout. I feel my muscles are getting denser and I believe the machine is helping to cut down the time needed for exercise.

I also use it to relieve back and muscular pains. I like the machine so much that I introduce it to some of my friends and family. I even bought a second unit to give to a friend who has hard labor work daily.

Overall, I'm completely satisfied with the machine. The founder Jay is an exceptional business owner and stands by his products and service 100%. We have corresponded a few times and I trust that his products and business will only get better and better. I will continue to purchase more models and give them out as gifts.

M. Swartzentruber  6/1/2019

★★★★★ Happy so far

This is my first experience with a vibe plate - the choices and price ranges out there are confusing. I bought this one on a referral from a friend. I felt it offered the most for a reasonable price. The unit came in only a couple days. Very easy to understand and use I do a high-intensity band workout on it daily that takes about 10 minutes. I definitely had to drop down to a lighter band because it somehow increases the intensity (I had been told this would happen) as an experiment , after performing a set- I immediately got off the unit and tried to perform a few more reps to see if maybe the machine is. "Inhibiting" my ability to do work. I still could not do more so it seems that exercising on the machine is more effective/efficient. I'm happy so far and plan to use it consistently for a few months before forming an opinion of the benefits to exercising on it