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VT003F Vibration Plate for General Health Improvement

 miguel humphreys 8/22/2019 

★★★★★ Works great

Good quality easy to use works great get ready for the ride of your life used the detox and recovery mode got off feeling great

Daniel R.5/21/2019 

★★★★★ Amazing product, great customer service

First, the customer service on this product is outstanding. I kicked the remote and broke it and they sent me another!

I use this 2-3 times a day, 10 min at 35hz for health. I've been through hell the last 5 years— too many symptoms to mention. A couple years ago I discovered by chance that several symptoms(headaches and pressure on the left side of my head, tremors, insomnia) were helped by applying a thumping massager to the side of my head and neck. Over the last year I've purchased larger and more expensive massagers and each time noticed a bit of a bump to my health. Most recently I had purchased a platform, but not a linear model— and after reading up on linear decided to pull the trigger on this product. In combination with compression boots and ice headwraps, this product has given me a new life! After years of seeing the best doctors I still don't know what's happening to me, but I suspect a vascular and lymph issue, because this product has lessened numerous symptoms that are typical as vascular, lymph, and Vagus nerve related. I can't recommend this more.

SteveF 1/8/2020

★★★★★ Excellent performance at very reasonable price

I bought one of these a few months ago, and I totally love it. It has more than enough power for what I need. Using it is like taking a shower or getting into a whirlpool bath without getting wet. Very pleasant feeling.

I don't use the balance straps that come with it, mainly because I want my arms free to do other exercise while vibrating. I do QiGong, elastic bands, weighted sticks (Tai Chi Weapons), and body blade. I've lost my balance two or three times, but you just step off something lower than one stair step, and it is an easy uneventful recovery.

Using the plate two to three times a day has also produced good effects on digestion. This meets my needs so well, and is so small and portable, that I am not interested in even evaluating other units. I'm very satisfied with this machine.

Customer service is also fabulous. I had a problem with the power switch, and I helped identify a manufacturing issue that should be fixed by now. It was great to work through the issue with their customer service representative. The unit has been 100% reliable since that issue.

Tyler  3/13/2018

★★★★★ Great value

This thing is great. Perfect size, solidly-built for the price, and has faster vibration speeds. I was concerned about the quality because of the lower price point compared to many other models, but after three weeks of daily use, it's holding up just fine.

Amazon Customer  9/23/2018 

★★★★★ Wicked powerful, great deal!! I'm very happy with it :)

Whahoooooo !! I saw vibrators like this one

at a local fair they were selling for $2000, this one is only $250 and it actually works even better!!! It is extremely powerful, way more powerful than the pricey ones. This is a rare find, and an excellent deal I highly recommend it!!

shinyhalo  1/20/2018

★★★★★ Best whole body vibration platform.

I got hooked on Whole-Body-Vibration at a demo in Sam's Club, but their model cost $2,500

This vibration platform ran me 190 shipped and does an even better job because it hits that 30 Hz sweet spot

The best way I can describe it is like when you get the chills, but without the cold.

 J.B.  2/7/2019 

★★★★★ Good Purchase!

I am quite pleased with this machine: with its quality and performance. Prior to this purchase, my only experience with WBV was with a heavy-duty commercial grade machine. The vibes were so strong that I felt at times that it would shake my brain loose. My concern with the VT was that it would not be vigorous enough. This is not a machine intended for vibrating while lifting heavy weights. However, for my varying therapeutic purposes, the intensity and depth of the vibe is more than enough for a satisfying experience, even at the low amplitude setting. It runs quietly and I feel it will last a long time. I am happy.

Pactric Hancock 8/22/2018

★★★★☆ looks like great quality unit just looking for guidance settings?

I just received my unit today, I was a little bummed that the speed settings are not in hz and the manual is not really clear. I bought this item specifically to run at 30 hz and not interested in any other speeds. I reached out to the seller to hopefully get this specific setting that I desire, if the device cannot run exactly at 30 hz I may have to return, other than that great quality, great packaging looks like a sturdy unit, I just need it to run at the speed I was looking for it shows 15-40 Hz listed but I just need 30 hz always

cutesy XXX  5/9/2019

★★★★★ AWESOME - true vertical motion not teeter totter - Top of the line in every way.

Package arrived quickly. Packing quality excellent. Instructions easy to read and understand. NO assembly. Remote control had battery protected in shipping with a separation tab. User experience is completely different from the teeter totter motion usually found on consumer models. Commercial oscillators are like this. My research said this is effective and teeter totter is minimally useful. I ditched my other device and replaced it with this. Seems sturdy, tight, and well made. 2 year warranty. Wow. Wow. Wow. Why did I wait so long to change to this exceptional unit.

Lynn P. 11/4/2019

★★★★★ Powerful little machine!

I love my new VT High Vibration Plate! What a great way to start the day! Somehow (magically, it seems) it makes my usual "morning brain fog" go away! This is truly amazing to me, especially since a few days ago, I decided to cut my morning coffee amount - in half!!

I like that this machine does not have a "huge footprint!" I simply move it under my desk when I'm not using it - a huge blessing since my office is not particularly large.

I do find that my ears vibrate like crazy when I turn the amplitude up. (I set my machine for 3-10 minutes, turn it on, then move the amplitude to "35"). I actually like my ears to vibrate, since it seems like my sinus's are clearer after doing this. Now, I know that not everyone may like their ears vibrating, but hey, it works for me!

I haven't used this machine long enough to know about long-term weight loss and strong muscles, but I DO know that I am really enjoying this method of getting exercise! It is just plain FUN! Plus, I feel motivated after using it and have more energy for the day.

Craig 1/15/2020

★★★★★ Such a fun machine

I love to use this. It is portable so I can take it out of the room when the gkids come over. I could even take it in the car on vacation, if I wanted to. I love using this a few times a week. I feel it helps my body adjust and relax. I had a eye injury 6 months ago and I still see floaters and halo. I feel my eye is clearer when I am done using this. It feels sturdy and doesn't rock. The vibration rate is wonderful. I love it a lot.