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VT003F Vibration Plate for Nerve Pain Relief

Night Reader, 4/1/2020

★★★★★   The vibration is excellent

I have used vibration plates for many years - to heal wrist and knee surgeries more quickly, for nerve pain relieve and have gone to classes at places like Platefit for intense exercise classes or restoration classes (where the hrz goes up to 50.) I had an old stand-up model which took up too much space and when I sold it for almost nothing and to replace it with another floor plate, I never found the vibration traveled up my body well to my head. This vibration plate does! It takes up so little floor room and it goes up to 40! Using it at 30, 35 and 40 for standing or sitting in various positions, it is effective and powerful. And it's very solid. I'm petite - I don't know how it would would with a heavier person - and it is small....sometimes I wish I had a little more space and there was a little more platform space, but for the price - compared to thousands for a "pro" platform - it is phenomenal! I want to thank the Amazon review of this product who turned me on this. No buyer's remorse! I use it every day.

game fun 1/3/2020 

★★★★★ Relief of my neuropathy.

have been using the VT for five months for my feet. I have neuropathy in my feet. This machine does a great job increasing the circulation in my feet, relieving the pain. It is well built. It has a program mode plus high and low level of vibration all easy to adjust with the use of a remote. I highly recommend this production.

ChunkaChange 12/27/2019 

★★★★★ Look no further for a vibration therapy platform

This unit is by far the best in its product line, not only in its price range but far above it. This is the one to buy. I love mine. Saw results from the first day. My nerve pain is reduced and getting feeling back where it was numb before. I hope this unit lasts my lifetime because I'll be on it twice a day at a minimum.

M.S. 8/21/2019 

★★★★☆ Helps our lower back & foot nerve pain from diabetes.

I've had other whole body vibration machines before and this one is sturdier, while being more compact. Really helps with my lower back pain and my husbands diabetic nerve pain in his feet.

Richard W. Rigdon 5/17/2019 

★★★★☆ Nerve function restored to "dead" leg.

I am very happy with this device. I was introduced to vibration plate therapy by my chiropractor. I was driving 30 miles a day to make use of the one in his clinic and results were so incredible in restoring nerve activity in my leg that I decided I needed to have one at home. Use it daily and couldn't be more encouraged.

Goddess4u 9/4/2019 

★★★★★ Good Vibrations!!! PLUS ROCK STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

You don't have to be a Beach Boy to have Good Vibrations!!! I started going to a chiropractor in June of this year and they had 3 large Vibe machines. I go there about 2 times a week. I bought the VT High Frequency Linear Vibration Plate machine around 7/21 this year. So the other 5 days a week I am on this machine. I ramp it up to 40HZ and usually am on it 30 minutes a day. I don't just stand there I trace my meredians twice; and, do Donna Eden's daily energy routine while watching viedo classes on my computer. The machine is very stable for me so I can do other things; no statue impersonator here.... I had Neurological Lyme disease kicked out of my DNA in 2012. Along with many other things it took my Balance along with it. From using this type of therapy my Balance has returned.

My husband wanted to buy me a Mountain Bike last year; NO WAY. I now perform the mentioned exercises as well as go through my cell phone; mostly doing maintenance; like deleting pics, texts, etc.; however, not holding onto anything. You can feel the vibes in your ears helping to correct your balance. Also my bottom legs had swelled up; and doing the Vibe thing; that is all gone now. The Lyme also degenerated my bones; and, muscle aches and pain often acompany them. Good Vibrations from this machine are soothing. This machine only weighs 26 pounds; Folks; that is portable. The real Rock Star here is Jay; he is the seller; impressive. I want to use this machine on a long road trip to plug into the cigarette lighter. He has done Due Diligence in checking it out; this machine has not been tested for that. So, as of now, I will use it in the Hotel. I want to try lifting some smaller free weights on it. I have seen pictures on how you put your back on the machine and push up with the weights. Have not tried it yet; but, I think it may feel Good!!! Good Vibrations!! What is there not to like!!! The company also provides pictures of their plant. I saw the stat they produce somewhere around 300,000 machines a year. This machine is a vertical linear;and, that is the one to have; not the pivotal in my opinion. For the Price and Performancel this machine is a Real Deal!!!

AJM 5/8/2019

★★★★☆ I like it

While I'm not sure this actually does anything, I like it. It is sturdy and I've had no issues with it after a month or so of daily use. I like the programs it has but wish some of them were more intense and went to the highest level. I have osteoporosis and peripheral neuropathy and thought this might help with either or both. It hasn't improved the neuropathy and who knows if it will help with the osteoporosis. But it feels good (after taking a couple of days to get used to it). The first time I went up to the highest level it did knock over some crystals I had in a cabinet on the floor below. I was upstairs on a carpeted floor. Since then I've moved it to the basement.

KaizenKingsDotcom 1/14/2020

★★★★★ BUY IT!

DON'T HESITATE BUY NOW: https://amzn.to/35Qn8a5 I was stretching one day and something happened in my neck...maybe a pinch nerve? This caused a ton of problems for me. It traveled to my ear whereas my ears felt swollen all the time, my eyebrows felt tight, sometimes the pain traveled to my fingers and made them feel numb, my shoulder blades felt like they were on fire, and then I also started having a tight lower back. Terrible. I tried literally everything: rolfing, feldenkrais, steroid injections, yoga, acupuncture, TENS unit, roller, inversion table, neuromuscular massage, cupping, etc. I tried EVERYTHING. This tool has given me so much relief it's unbelievable. I was dealing with this for a year and half and in 2 weeks of constantly using this tool, everything felt better. My stomach feels better, I can turn my neck again, etc. I feel like I have a chance at life again. If you happen to read the review, BUY THIS TOOL! You will not be disappointed. I also HIGHLY recommend this tool: https://amzn.to/35Qn8a5 DON'T HESITATE! Get both of them! Was also a huge game changer for me! BUY THEM! The customer service I received from Jay was awesome as well.