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VT003F for Balance, Coordination and Motor Skills

E. Smith  3/7/2019

★★★★★ 2019 model is quiet!

We haven't had this machine for very long. However, we are happy with it. It's not loud at all (a complaint of previous models). We purchased it for our autistic son. His chiropractor has one in her clinic. She's been doing brain balancing exercises while he stands on it (tossing balls that cross the midline). The vibrating plate helps activate the more underdeveloped side of the brain while doing the brain balancing exercises. After two weeks, our son's gross motor and concentration has greatly improved per therapists, teachers and tutor. We have not seen this kind of improvement in 3.5 years of OT.

Potter Mom  3/18/2019

★★★★★ Great exercise machine

I bought this vibration machine for my sister who has cancer and is undergoing chemo. Her mobility is limited because of a cancer related surgery. She can't really go outside because she is so sensitive to cool (much less cold) temperatures. It is critical that she exercise during her chemo treatments to stimulate her lymph nodes and keep her body toned. This machine does that and is also great for balance. My sister is able to do two or three sessions a day. She loves and so do I.