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VT003F Vibration Plate for Lymphatic Drainage

A.M., 5/11/2020

★★★★★   Great Vibration Plate and Company

I purchased this vibration plate to help me with my lymph nodes, which I have heard these are great for. It is great quality and has a wonderful adjustable strength vibration. However after receiving it and reading the pamphlet which talked about implants, (I have a rod in my back and didn't know if that is considered an implant) I called the company asking about it. They were very informative about it, and gave me very helpful instruction during the time I had it. Though using it didn't bother my fusion at all, two of my non-fused lower back vertebrae have severe degenerative disk disease, (I also have spondylolisthesis there), and it irritated that sensitive area of my vertebrae, so unfortunately it wasn't a good fit for my back issues. They were very flexible with the return time, and I was able to try it for much longer than the usual time that Amazon allows for returns which I was very grateful for. Though it unfortunately didn't end up working out for me, I feel it is a very well designed product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great quality vibration plate at a very reasonable price. I read online that the vibration direction on this unit is the best type for the body. I would definitely recommend this vibration plate.

K.T. Kown 12/2/2019

★★★★★ As good as the high dollar machines

Well build, sturdy until. Really gets my lymphatic fluid circulating in the morning. I don't go a day without it since I bought it.

Pain 11/20/2019

★★★★★ The best product that compares to the power plate high end version

This is real review people look at my history as I am no joke and honest but I am very happy. I am very knowledgable of the original power plate as been looking for something similar for past 3 yrs because I did not want to spend over 10k for high frequency one. The small power plate is 1500 but meh not the high frequency as the bigger models. I have the $15k one downstairs at gym but needed something for morning pain, lymphatic drainage and intense energy as I do Crossfit, MMA, Hot Vinyasa yoga which gives you chin splints w these cheap fake wood floors here in south florida. I do bootcamps etc but my anemia is killing me and hypothyroid meaning I wake up with zero energy even popping Phen Phen the diet pill that was killing people smh. I still take it due to no energy RX by endocronologist but the real power plate rushes your blood flow in 5 min to where pain is gone and intense well being energy and also lympatic=weight loss so been peeping this product. E mailed seller and he was so truthful he said yes works just like the expensive power plate I didnt want to beleive him so ordered cheaper ones and more expensive all in garbage.

The point I am trying to make is I finally ordered it not beleiving a 250 buck machine will replicate the power plate which is to this day I dont care what any of the other sellers say as I been using these since 2008 and in high end gyms this crap actually is the exact of a $10k one. It does not wobble side to side which does nothing for anyone. It literally vibrates fast not a crappy seesaw motion and been using for a week my energy is fully back just 10 minutes a day. I am not sleepy anymore or fatigued heck I dont even use it daily and it keeps going I skipped a day but even then I was too much in pain and fatigue to take an elevator to use power plate at gym so if your looking for intensity that doesnt make your brain or cranium wobble, works this is it. I cannot go into the full dynamics on a review but also you can exercise on it as well and trust me you will loose more weight tested this for yrs and even had a personal trainer that use to PT me w power plate but great product I love it and looks expensive when you get it sleek nice does not look cheesy or cheap. Very nice looking piece. Ty Jay for everything.

Astar 9/30/2018 

★★★★★ Loving this awesome little machine!

I did quite a bit of research on vibration machines and after reading some articles by Dr. Mercola about whole body vibration training, I decided that I needed a machine that vibrates in all three dimensions. He likes the PowerPlate machine, but it is extremely EXPENSIVE. The VT003F seems to be using a very different technology than all the others in my price range that only go up and down. I've had the VT003F about 10 days now. I've also stood on whatever EXPENSIVE machines they were promoting at Costco before (not sure what brand) and this machine feels just the same. It can vibrate the heck out of you (in a good way)!

I mainly got this because my naturopath insists that I really need to increase my lymph drainage and blood circulation. I tried rebounding (jumping on a small trampoline), but it kept throwing my neck out of whack. I'm pretty sensitive, so I started at the number 2 setting on this machine and gradually worked my way up. By day 4, my persistent brain fog began clearing up! A few days later, although I have not been able to vacuum my whole house in one day for years (lots of carpet!), I vacuumed the whole thing in a couple of hours. Then I worked on the baseboards, then the bathroom vents, and then I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. I probably overdid it that day, but I just couldn't believe that I actually could! I'm on setting 8 now, which was almost too much for me at first. My goal is to gradually work up to setting 12, which is supposed to be around the best number for healing and circulation. I am aware of the placebo effect, so I'll try to update this in another month or two. We'll see how it goes. I have also been doing some exercises on the high powered setting. I almost over did it with slow stomach crunches. I felt the burn for two days! But somehow I'm starting to feel firmer inside. My neck feels great. Yay! My husband started using the machine on day 7 after seeing how well I was doing with it.

I emailed the company that makes it about their VibrationTherapeutics website and one of the owners got right back to me. The website is very informative and they seem so proud of what they are building. By the way, I only write reviews if I really love or really hate something. I think I love this! (And nobody gave me anything free or discounted.)

Joanne 8/30/2019

★★★★★ Great pain relief and fluid drainage

This is a well made machine and very effective. I would recommend it for lymphatic drainage, diminishing spascity, improving balance, decreasing and or eliminating pain and toning muscles and tightening ligaments and tendons

laurel shelton 7/7/2019

★★★★★ This thing is built to last. Sturdy, strong vibration plate.

Arrived in good time. In excellent condition and works well. Both my husband and I use it. He is a b/k amputee, I have lower body lymph drainage issues, it seems to help us both.

Mizukan 6/30/2019

★★★★★ Best purchase I've made in a LONG time!

I absolutely LOVE this machine! I've only had it for a week, but I can already tell it's working! I had surgery 2 years ago and since then have experienced terrible swelling, discomfort/pain and unevenness in my abdominal region. I started getting regular lymphatic drainage massages a year ago and while they have helped, they have not eliminated the issue. And regular massages are $$$. A friend suggested that I try a wbv machine and after doing some research, this one seemed like the best choice. In just a week, I see a noticeable change and my swelling and pain have diminished significantly. But not only that, I honestly feel like I get an endorphin boost when I use it, so I really look forward to using it twice daily. I am SO happy with my purchase!