VT003F for stress anxiety

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VT003F Vibration plate Quality Issues

Ken1977  5/10/2019

★☆☆☆☆ Motor burns out very quickly

My friend gave this to me for a gift 3 months ago. It worked fine until this morning but now the motor isn't working. I tested the power and it has power going to the motor, but it has stopped. Unfortunately its not a good quality long term product. I gave it back to my friend to return for a refund. I do not recommend this model.

Stephen Donnelly  5/16/2018

★★☆☆☆ No instructions or manuals

No manual, instructions for safe use or exercise chart.
The hand-straps are loose, this machine could seriously injure someone without a decent set of instruction like the other brands include with the unit. We will probably return the unit within a few days once we get back from a short trip.
Do not buy this product!!!!