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VT003F Vibration Plate Positive Quality Reviews

S. Kozlowski, 3/6/2020

★★★★★   It’s like owning a commercial machine

I sit a lot while working. I need to vibrate. When I can’t be active, this is my go to. Shakes up my blood in my legs gently. Feels awesome. Has various settings and programs. Kinda like the one at Planet Fitness but of course this one doesn’t oscillate. When you stand in different areas on it or bend knees at different degrees makes big difference on how you feel the vibration. It’s definitely high quality. I hope it lasts me many years (rest of my life lol). I haven’t tried the remote yet.
Mountain Man 3/3/2020

★★★★★   The Best Liner Vibration Plate With the Price Range in the Market

I have compared many Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines and found this one is the best in this price range.
- Fast shipping and packed professional
- Good and immediately responding from support for any questions
- The plate is solid build and functions as described
- Up and down movements are great with remote control and give a better vibration than oscillation vibration plate
- Provide the highest G-force in the price range for the WBV machines in the market
- Support frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz and increase intensity accordingly with frequency increase
- Efficient vibration from lower body to upper body
- The up down liner vibration is good for circulation and spine alignment

- The power cable is short, I need add extension to put it in my best place
- The battery in remote control is not the popular AA or AAA, is the same as other WBV machines

Beside the strength of the up down liner vibration movement, the vibration frequency is also very important and higher frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz can effectively reflex muscles, increase blood circulation according some articles. The VT003F provides the best for both up down liner vibration and higher frequency range. The up-down movement for this model is up to 3mm and the frequency range is from 15Hz to 40Hz. The other models that do oscillation and lateral movement only in this price range only can support up to 15Hz. I have used other name 4D plate, the liner up-down distance is barely can feel even set to the maximum level under Pulsation. For those 3D or 4D WBV machines, which can provide effective oscillation movement vs liner movement. But t
Starstorm 2/2/2020

★★★★★  This is a cool piece of equipment

This is a really good vibration plate. Easy to use. High Frequency with hertz vibrations in 30 hertz range which is necessary for optimum results. Good product.

Allan Valenzela 1/30/2020

★★★★★  Excellent product!!!!!

I own a Physical Therapy company that consist of 12 clinics. We use this product with the majority of our
patients because of its application to multi diagnosis's. I can't recommend it more highly! Worth every dime!

BC 1/28/2020

★★★★★ Well built

This is a well-built, no-nonsense vibration platform with a greater range of frequencies than most products in this price range. I've been very pleased, and have felt benefits to my health within the first few days of use.

Lucy Lee 1/28/2020

★★★★★  The unit is quiet so you can use it to watch tv

It's quiet so you can use it at home or office for an efficient workout...

TL 1/14/2020

★★★★★   Great, solid product. High frequency WBV platform at a reasonable price.

Very solid and quiet high frequency vibration machine. There aren't many high frequency whole body platforms out there. And this one is at a reasonable price.
Please note that this is linear vibration, not oscillation/pivotal.
Although being sold on Amazon, this seems like a small business and when I contacted the company for assistance, they were very responsive and friendly, like a small business would be. And their business website has more information about their machines and company and the science, and they seem to be very upfront. That is worth alot to me when purchasing a product.

Sebastian 1/16/2020

★★★★★  Best Vibration Platform

This product is unbeatable by any other product in this price range, just outstanding quality and engineering. I highly recommend it.

mcfarlin family 1/16/2020

★★★★★  Great customer service after initial hiccup, enjoying the machine

I was really looking forward to using this machine and after opening the box and plugging it in the fuse blew after less than half hour of use. I was trying out the different preset routines when zzzz.... dead.... I reached out to the seller and they were able to get me the size of the fuse (super simple to replace). I replaced it and have been really enjoying the machine for the last week with no issues. The customer service rep even compensated me for the replaced fuse and time! I would recommend this machine and their service to anyone who asks.

RoswellJohn 11/3/2019

★★★★☆  Higher impact than I wanted at 30 Hz, but I'll stick with it.

Machine worked fine once we got an operating remote. This is really a high impact vibrator; I was looking for a low impact vibrator. It is low impact at 15 Hz, but as you go up in frequency it gets really high impact. I'm up to 22 Hz now and going for 30 Hz. Starting at 30 Hz was not good. The instructions tell you to work your way up, but the expensive machine at my wife's physical therapy place only runs at 30 Hz and is a low impact machine from the start. I wish this one was too!

I don't know if the pain relief is there yet as my wife hasn't tried it yet. I just do it for the exercise myself.

Ylario 11/21/2019

★★★★★  What's Shakin"?

Less than 1/5 the price of commercial versions and more adjustable. Excellent construction.

Murat morris 10/23/2019

★★★★★ Unbelievable results

So I have used this type of machine before. I wanted something for homw. Bought this machine because of the detail and information in the sellers description. I was surprised when the seller sent more info after purchase as well as contact info. The machine is wonderful I will be purchasing a larger lesion in the future. people read and follow instructions. Definitely less is more.

Larry D 10/31/2019

★★★★★  This is Hi Tech physical therapy at its finest.

This machine will give one the proper Hz suggested in the medical literature. I believe it is the most effective machine in its category.

AmazonCustomer 9/10/2019

★★★★★  Highly recommend - Sides at pickup point - wish wider edge, reinforced or padded

Arrived today. One of corner styrofoam was broken but machine seemed not to have moved too much in shipping. We had a $$$$$$ wbv for years until downsize, now live in a very tiny house, need to be able to carry to workout space and then put away again after use. I am disabled and appreciate the weight of this unit. Requests for future versions: longer power cord and padded side edge - the side edge pickup points (by strap openings) are not friendly to carrying. Wish it was a wider edge at that spot, reinforced or padded. It makes it a definite chore despite its light weight. Also a concern, the thin edge, and additional natural touch points underneath, when carrying feels as though it may break when simply lifting and moving it. With that said, very happy to have found a wbv machine with its technology and features at this pricepoint and size. Highly recommend.

Tyebo 12/15/2019

★★★★☆ The Real Deal!

This is a very well build vibration plate for the money. I've used it for a couple of weeks and I must say this little thing is comparable to your local gyms expensive vibration plate. Hey just remember if your new to this vibration therapy start at the low setting and bend your knees.

Marilyn L. Mckay 12/15/2019

★★★★★ Extremely pleased.

I feel so much better after using this vibration machine. It's so easy and I like the Programs. It's quiet except at the higher levels. I am so happy with my purchase.

Bertram B.10/22/2019

★★★★★ Works great and fits into a normal budget.

The most sturdy and best built unit on the market. At 275 lbs its difficult to find an adequate vibration plate--this is it.

Michael Mitchell 9/27/2019

★★★★★ Well built and powerful

While this won't match the top end platforms, it delivers a very good therapy at an affordable price. It is more than adequate for most people.

Greggers  9/27/2019

★★★★★ Great Product !

This is a proper vibration plate. It has a range of frequencies which is an essential aspect to get the most out of WBV. Different frequencies = different benefits !most plates under $10,000 have one one frequency. I have two ! (Each In different homes). And I've suggested this plate to many others whom have found it very beneficial.

Bruce W.  9/15/2019

★★★★★ Highly recommend

Easy to use and very flexible. Available settings (duration, vibration intensity and Hz) allow you to start of slow and gradually increase intensity and duration. Would highly recommend.

Amazon Customer 9/5/2019

★★★★★ Awesome Whole Body Vibration Machine

Love, love, love this machine! The first one was defective so I contacted the seller. Within a week this company sent the replacement which works perfectly! Thank you for a great product! They also have a website with lots of great information to get you started. Great equipment and great customer service.

Terry Herbert  9/14/2019

★★★★★ Love it

I have had the VT Vibration machine for about 3 months and use it every day. I use it in the mornings, along with some curls, before taking a shower and going to work. It works great and is very sturdy. I did pull as hard as I could and broke one of the handles. I contacted customer service and they sent me 2 new handles with straps immediately. I highly recommend this product and company.

N. Koroneos 9/5/2019

★★★★★ Works great! Terrific product for the price

I just bought this a few months ago, my old gym used to have a power plate which cost somewhere around 10K. Honestly this feels comparable, I was going back and forth between multiple devices on amazon and chose this after further research and it was a good choice. Obviously its no power plate, but for over 9500 dollars less, its pretty damn close. Have not had an issue with the machine and I use it near daily. It has a pretty wide capability too in terms of amplitude/frequency. I couldn't find many devices that had a comparable range. There are a ton of vibration plates online but I really doubt you would regret buying this one.

Patricia 7/25/2019

★★★★★ Great machine and customer service!

I love that this is not an oscillation vibration machine and is so easy to use. I read a couple of books on the health benefits of using a vibration machine before purchasing this model which seemed like an excellent value, especially for my small townhouse with limited space. I have not been disappointed. I recently thought I was having problems with the machine not working and their customer service was EXCELLENT! Turned out that there was nothing wrong with the machine but with the electrical outlet it was plugged into! I would highly recommend purchasing from this vendor and this machine.

C. Moeller 8/2/2019

★★★★★ Works great, relaxing, effective, works out muscles- full body massage!

Comparing it to the BulletProof Whole Body Vibration Plate:
Frequency: VT = 15Hz - 40Hz || Bulletproof = 30HZ (Winner: VT)
Amplitude: VT= 1.5mm low, 3mm high || Bullet proof = 4mm (Winner: Bulletproof)
Weight: VT= 25.8 LB || Bulletproof = 61 lbs (Winner: VT)
Price: VT = 16% of Bulletproof (250 vs 1495) (Winner: VT)

Comparing it to the Costco demo ZAAZ 20K:
Frequency: VT = 15Hz - 40Hz || ZAAZ = 1-99 speed, seems to correlate to: 3.4 – 15.5Hz (Winner: ?)
Amplitude: VT= 1.5mm low, 3mm high || ZAAZ = 1-10 mm (Winner: ZAAZ)
Weight: VT= 25.8 LB || ZAAZ = 106 lbs (Winner: VT)
Price: VT = 9.7% of ZAAZ (250 vs 2569) (Winner: VT)

* Adjustable vibrations frequency, with ~30 Hz being the strongest you feel
* Can adjust the amplitude (though the red/ high setting is a lot more effective/ close to the same height as the bulletproof platform)
* Feels really nice when you're feeling achy
* Seems to really increase blood flow in your legs/ feet
* Pretty light (relatively) for moving around

* I should have got the oscillating one, if I had seen it. But having not known about it, this one still works for everything except that nice wave feeling after getting off (and more relaxed, happy feeling)


It depends on what you are looking for. For exercise, the bulletproof and this vibration plate are comparable, but this wins hands down on the price /features.

For that wonderful oscillation/wave feeling that really helps someone with chronic soreness, pain and exhaustion, an oscillating platform would be better. I now see that VT actually offers one, and I would have loved to have bought that one if I had realized it was there.

Linda Dickenson 7/29/2019

★★★★★ This machine is well made.

I mainly use this vibration plate before a workout to warm up and after a workout to prevent soreness. I also like that it may help with lymphatic drainage. It really vibrates the crap out of you on the highest setting. Definitely best to have something to lightly hold on to when it stops. I have no problems with balancing on it while I am using it. I worked my way up from a setting of 20 to 40. I use it at least twice a week. Definitely a keeper.

TomRob 6/22/2019

★★★★★ Good vibes

Excellent machine. Good build quality. Wide range of frequencies. Not outrageously loud. Good shakes.

jhblitz 6/29/2019

★★★★★ Highly Ethical Company

I encourage you to carefully review the vibrationtherapeutic.com web site. You will be impressed with the straightforward manner with which this company presents its products. You will also learn quite a lot about whole body vibration theory and application. I purchased a VT003F vibration platform. It is a solidly built, well designed machine. Full Stop. Great company. Full transparency. Dedicated people. Finally, this company offers linear AND oscillating motion vibration platforms and explains the benefits of both types and how they differ. All in all, this purchase was a great value.

Matthew James Jimothy7/25/2019

★★★★★ can't believe the price!

this works just as well as the other models that are upwards of $2,000

Kindle Customer 7/23/2019

★★★★★ A top notch Vibration Therapy Machine at an Unbeatable Price!

I recently discovered the incredible benefits of Vibration therapy and I found several machines that were $1000 and up, which is a rip-off. I luckily found this machine which has great features and it's a high quality product. I had to contact the seller and they were very prompt and courteous. I highly recommend this product to everyone who's interested in enjoying vibration therapy.

Alex Wilde 7/15/2019

★★★★★ After researching others in this price range, this is the best.

We really like it, use several times per week. It is very sturdy and isn't cheap like the kinds you see built in to tanning beds, etc. The remote works great too. Relieves pain and is great to stretch on and adjust positions to feel the vibration in different parts of your body. Will rebuy for sure.

Puff39 7/15/2019

★★★★★ Great value for the money

The machine works great very similar to the one's used by my chiropractor just a third the cost. I use it also to exercise with. Ive been using it for 4 months now it's an amazing addition to my workout routine

Barry 5/2/2019

★★★★★ Ultra quiet and well built!

Its frequency range of 15-40Hz is as advertised. I was impressed with its quietness and build. It turns out I needed a lower frequency range with greater amplitude to get better body results.

Steve Martin 5/20/2019

★★★★★ High quality for a modest price

The machine has exceeded my expectations. It performs as well if not better than machines costing hundreds more. The seller is extremely responsive. Highly recommended.

Amazon Customer 5/12/2019

★★★★★ Great product for reasonable price.

- Sturdy and well built, yet light enough to move around with ease.
- Simple easy to use design.
- Price is great for the value, the most similar product on market is $999.00
- The noise is not bad at all. If you live in an apartment like building and are concerned about that just buy some noise dampening pads to put underneath and that will be good.

-I, being a bit more younger and fit person would like to have a little more power and amplitude. However, it is still plenty good when considering design and price range. A more powerful comparable unit would be considerably more.
It would also be heavier and noisier.

Amazon Customer 5/1/2019

★★★★★ Solid machine that goes 15-50 hz at a great price.

Purchased this for my home. Brought it to my office to have my Physical Therapist try it out. May have sold 3 of them while it was there.
Sturdy machine and strong vibration. Easy to use and quiet. Great so far.

Carol S.4/18/2019

★★★★★ Very quick delivery

I just got it today so I can't say much yet but what I can say is that it came super fast! And is very well made and works great. I have used it about 12 mins total during 3 times and I like it!

Joseph crespi 3/6/2019

★★★★★ customer service is phenomenal

Had some initial issues with my first unit. I contacted customer service and they were fast to help and replaced my unit with no issues. The unit works great and is very powerful.

ginabean of MN 4/7/2019

★★★★★ Great!

I like the size of the unit and it works prefect.

Jimmy C. 2/23/2019

★★★★★ Great Customer Service

The Platform works as advertised and is a good workout and a great relaxation machine. Contacting the seller for any issues elicits immediate response. Refreshing.

Michael E. Conn 1/26/2019

★★★★☆ It performs as well as units costing a lotmore

This vibration plate is a fantastic value. The plate itself is extremely sturdy, and it performs very well with 3 programs and unlimited custom settings.

jon froelich 12/20/2018

★★★★★ Unheard of customer service.

Very well built vibe plate. You won't find a better product for the price. Customer service beyond belief. I had a small glitch with my vibe plate they sent me out a new one no questions asked. That's almost unheard of today. I highly recommended this product.
Jon in PA

★★★★★ Solid product and a great price

This unit is solidly built and outputs a powerful vibration.

brian reichenbach 8/8/2018

★★★★★ Good Value , Works great , Did help

Good dependable machine need at least 40 HZ , Important, Works great