The seller Jay was great to talk to and provided excellent customer service. He cares about his customers like they are family. He is probably the best seller on Amazon you will ever have the pleasure of working with! Also the product arrived on time and in perfect condition.

Rose, 5/11/2020 California

Jay is outstanding! SpecsPro is the best seller that I have had the pleasure to work with. Very knowledgable of his product, cares that you get what you ordered when you ordered and if there were any problems, he will make you whole! I will do business with SpecsPro again. Thank you, SpecsPro!

Perri, 3/25/2020, Oklahoma

Great product and Great customer service. This plate is the only one in this price can do good linear vibration close to the over $2000 ones. I tried the other one, and nothing close to they are claimed on the website. By my research and standing, Frequency is very important parameter for the whole body vibration machine. and this plate machine can do up to 40hz. Thanks

Songhuan, 2/23/2020, Virginia

I had an issue with one of the tables I purchased but they were super fast to send me out a replacement and very helpful and responsive. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Robin, 11/12/2019, NJ

My reason for purchasing this unit, was all the detail in the description of this item. Additionally there was a follow up email with more information from the seller. The unit is solid, effective and worth every penny. I will purchase from this seller again.

Debra, 10/23/2019, TN

I did not keep this machine, as it vibrates at such a high intensity that my teeth rattle. I am really looking for a good oscillation plate that will work my muscles rather than shaking my brain cells. However, the seller response and attitude has been optimal. Very respectful and prompt. They have offered to pay for return shipping.

Robin, 9/26/2019, WA

The remote control was damaged upon arriving. I contacted the company and they, on that same day, replied with, "We'll UPS you a new remote right way. If you have any questions of any sort, please don't hesitate to contact us."

Michael, 9/16/2019, CA

Very responsive and helpful seller. Answered all my questions, and provided very helpful feedback. Seems to care a lot about their products and their customers satisfaction. If only all sellers cared this much about their products and customers! Would recommend.

Chris, 9/16/2019, AZ

The original machine was defective. I contacted the seller via Amazon and he promptly replaced it with a perfect unit. I could not have asked for better customer service and highly recommend this company.

Ruth, 9/5/2019, VA

Jay (the service guy whom I have grown to know very well) followed up shortly with me after my purchase on product review, and has been a valuable resource in fully understanding my machine, how I use it, and how I can make the most of it. I have been an adult consumer for 45 years, and Jay is in the top 1% of service people whom I have know, unique in terms of how much he cares.

Steve, 8/18/2018, TX

Awesome customer service prompt and professional polite and great response

Miguel, 8/17/2019, MA

I recently discovered the incredible benefits of Vibration therapy and I found several machines that were $1000 and up, which is a rip-off. I luckily found this machine which has great features and it's a high quality product. I had to contact the seller and they were very prompt and courteous. I highly recommend this product to everyone who's interested in enjoying vibration therapy.

Avinash, 7/13/2019, CA

Completely transparent, hassle-free transaction. Can't say enough to fully describe the high level of integrity of this company.

John, 7/1/2019, CA

SpecsPro LLC is a professional service that responds promptly to my questions. The rep is courteous and easy to work with.

Maritza, 6/3/2019, PA

Seller was amazing fixing a small issue I had. Really good people to do business with! They really back their product!

Matthew, 5/7/2019, KY