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The following testimonials and reviews are all from customers that made purchase from our ecommerce website shop.vibrationtherapeutic.com. Written consent of use obtained.

Steve Simcoe, Colorado
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: Dec 20, 2020

Gonna get straight to the Point ... Go to VibrationTherapeutic.com and read documentation, reviews there and on websites elsewhere.

Then take the plunge and BUY this product. You have a 30 day money back guarantee, so save the box just in case it is not for you, but if you are like me ... No way in Hades am I gonna give this back EVER!

Best Therapeutic device I have used in 50 years. One week and a half usage and already improved balance, pain reduction, and overall I feel Way Better. There are infinite ways to use the VT003F. The best full body massage is what it feels like and like other reviewers, to many injuries over the years to count, but I am able with different frequencies to isolate most of my muscle groups depending what needs attention.

Pros: Quality Build, Price is Awesome and comparable to Very Expensive machines, I would be repeating other reviews to the positive on its merits and hope you can do a little homework on that score.

Cons: Only have one ... Needs a longer cord. Usually 6 to 7 feet range, this one is about 4 feet long, but the quality of the cord already in use seems to be in the 14 gauge range (Good Quality) and to add that length to the machine would probably increase the price significantly by 20 to 30 dollars. Very minor beef considering the Quality of the build to this machine.

Definitely would recommend others to purchase and will be a repeat customer myself. Ok gonna get the VT0027 model cause I need the concentrated upper body work. Blown right and left rotator cuffs. Left doing great, but right is giving me fits ... But trying to Avoid surgery. I think this will do the trick. Know 5 people who have had he surgery and All were in Tip Top shape, meaning Buff, and ALL were down for 6 to 8 weeks going Ugh!!! Hoping to avoid as you can imagine.


Just a quick observation for the machine's use. You don't need to go to the Higher Amplitudes or to really high Frequency ranges to benefit from its usage. Even using a few times a week will give health benefits I am sure. Will give usual recommendations for this type of therapy: Talk to your Doctor, Eat a Good Diet, and do your regular exercise routines. But to enjoy the previous sentence, Step On Up to a VT003F.


Rosemary Kramer, North Carolina
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 12/5/2020

I have been using the vibration plate almost every day. I did start out at slower speeds or used program one at the beginning. I am happy with my purchase and feel as though I have more energy especially since I am continuing other activities including yoga and walking and lifting weights. So I would say it is a great companion to other activities.

Denice Hoy, Ohio
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 12/5/2020

Awesome Vibration Plate for the Money!!

I saw this particular model on a rating list of vibration plates. It was rated in the top 5, or so, of about 10 machines. I had been looking to buy one for over a year, but was hesitant because it was over 1k. This machine is durable & well-built. It is easy to use, especially with the remote. It has different vibration levels to use which allowed me to start out on a lower level and work my way up to a recommended therapeutic level.

The best thing, is dealing directly with the company - SpecsPro LLC. I originally ordered this from Amazon, but never received it. I contacted the company and they were extremely helpful, and suggested I order directly from their website. Shipping was fast (2-3 days) and no shipping. I would not hesitate to order from this company again.

NOTE: The only thing I would change is the option to have band handles so you could do arm exercises.

Lisa, California
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 8/17/2020

Hello Jay, I am happy to share about my experiences with the VT0003F vibration plate health machine.

First of all - along with the PHYSICAL benefits - having the VT003F also creates GREAT PEACE of MIND!

This comes from KNOWING it's strengthening my entire body every time it's used - and most especially enhancing bone strength/suppleness. Personally I like to combine vibration with taking optimizing nutrients, such as e.g. Osteo-K-Minis (an effective form of MK4 that's medically standard in Japan) + bioabsorable calcium, Vitamin D, etc.

And again, it's wonderful KNOWING from research that the VT003F is providing ultra-important micro-compressions/bone movement to facilitate bone growth and health - and so, it's optimally SYNERGIZING with any and all bone/health enhancing nutrients.

Like astronauts in space (who don't get much gravity-based impact stimulation for their bodies), I'm fairly sedentary due to having chronic fatigue syndrome and so having to sort of 'budget' energy. So I LOVE that the VT003F provides the essential benefits of gravity/acceleration/movement on every single cell and structure in my body! And - it's very gentle and easy to use - not to mention, kind of ~fun :)

The vibrations seem to effortlessly loosen up muscles, tendons, circulation, everything, giving a sense of increased physical 'ease' and suppleness, as well as gracefulness and flow of movement.

And a sort of 'glow' seems to result from using the VT0003F. It feels like its scientific effects on blood and lymph circulation are resulting in a felt bodily sense of being noticeably refreshed, relaxed and subtly 'energized'. It just feels good.

So I wanted to especially share these more subjective aspects of the VT003F with people, since there is already an impressive amount of objective science. Basically, I just LOVE having this very special vibration machine.

~ Lisa S.

(And so, congratulations to you also Jay - on your wisdom + good fortune to be putting such an EXCELLENT, health-enhancing, evolutionary technology in reach of people everywhere :)<.p>

Danielle Solimka, Quebec, Canada
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 7/14/2020

Before buying a vibration machine, I checked-out the science behind it. I came across a peer-reviewed article "The Use of Vibration as Physical Exercise and Therapy," May 19, 2017, by Giuseppe Musumeci in the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, that convince me.

The study confirmed the benefits of vibration for athletic performance and for patients with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, although the mechanisms mediating these effects are still not well known.

As a 65+ female, I was stiff most mornings after 8-9 hours of sleep or when siting motionless for more than 10-20 minutes (e.g., watching television). I also had repeated injuries and recurring pain despite following irregular exercises.

I decided to be more committed to my health. So I added 10 minutes of vibration before my exercise routines that now include weight-lifting (3X/wk), cardio (biking, 2-5X/wk from late spring to early fall), and flexibility/ROM (yoga, 3X/wk). As well, I started drinking a 10 oz glass of water 8-10X/day and going vegan.

All of that combined has resulted in a total elimination of my aches and pain. What percentage vibration contributes to those results is incalculable. However, I know that I am better able to and more motivated to exercise following my 10 minutes of daily vibration, even on the one day of rest from my routines.

Additionally, I've noticed additional benefits. Vibration of the small bones and muscle tissues of the eye and ears appear to be improving my hearing and sight, and I've had no new 'white' hair growth, my hair is now mostly salt and pepper.

Grant Rickey, Washington
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 7/12/2020

I purchased the VT1003F machine a few months ago and have really enjoyed it. It is well built and easy to use. I use it on a concrete floor and have placed a knotted rope above.

At age 69 there is some security in having something to grab/hold on if I want. It was purchased with the hope that it would help the soreness from a broken foot. I believe that the low amplitude setting has improved the circulation to the sore tissue and helped overall. The programmable setting is useful as it changes the frequency setting incrementally up and down the available options; And in this way I find a sweet spot for the foot. I am impressed how much of the vibration energy is conducted all the way up the body. The sinus area is even given to the effect of the vibration.

New users should use caution, as balance might become an issue at first use. With a little use and conditioning I have no trouble with balance. For my safety though, I do keep a rope in front and easy to grab.

I am very happy with this machine.

Bridget Dolkas, California
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 4/4/2020

I use my Vibration Therapeutic device daily and, combined with other therapies, have had amazing results. The VT has affected my health in profound ways. I am energized, rejuvenated, and feel healthy energy flow throughout my body.

In addition, the customer service has been amazing!

David Suarez, Illinois
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 5/8/2020

I have waited to write a review of my Vibration Therapeutic platform until I had used it over a longer time period. My wife and I love it.

I start my day with time on the platform prior to my workouts. The effect of the machine are subtle, but over time I have noticed I feel better and I seem to recover faster from my workouts wether they are strength or aerobic.

I also end my day with time on the machine. I find I am much more relaxed when I turn in for the night. I sleep soundly which is a big plus for a sixty-six year old!

I started with ten minute sessions and at lower levels of vibration and worked my way up from there. I determine the length and levels according to my needs that day.

I recommend the Vibration Therapeutic platform to anyone looking to feel better.

Noelle Vignola, Colorado
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 3/17/2020

I love my vibration plate. It's relatively quiet, doesn't disturb my neighbor in the condo below, and doesn't mark up the floor in any way. I have been using it since April every day for twenty minutes to heal a number of muscle injuries.

To be clear, this isn't going to heal your injuries overnight. It's a commitment you are making to yourself. Not merely for the healing effects of an injury but how your body thrives overall from the higher vibrations. My skin looks better. I sleep better. I have less muscle cramping. Yet, all of these benefits took daily and consistent use over weeks and months.

My only complaint is a workmanship issue. The monitor screen over the monitor dials peels away due to the vibration. I eventually used double-sided tape to get the monitor screen template to stay in place. Also, the plastic piece that holds the electric cord into the machine broke after about two months. Again, I suspect from the constant vibration. Doesn't hinder the use of the device and I used electrical tape to cover it up.

Oddly, my cats absolutely love it. They lay next to it or climb into my lap to enjoy the vibration, too. Very funny.

Dane Chaver, Arizona
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 4/16/2020

I bought the VT003F machine after reading many reviews, one of which stressed the type of vibration this machine produced. The price was very reasonable, and shipping was fast. I was happily surprised to find that the machine felt sturdy, and well-made. Reviewers spoke about losing weight and feeling less pain after using vibration plates in general. Being in my mid-60s, I have my share of aches and pains. However, I play tennis most days during the pandemic, so weight loss was not a concern for me.

I use the machine nearly every day, for at least ten minutes. On days when I don't play tennis, I use the machine for thirty minutes, using each program once. It took me a while to get accustomed to the built in programs, particularly program #2, which features the highest level of vibration. My results will probably differ from those of others, but here they are: Prior to using this machine, I fell a lot. Really poor balance. In fact, I wear a balance bracelet that helps, but doesn't eliminate the falls. The machine has strengthened my legs to such a degree that I haven't fallen or tripped since I started using it.

The second major benefit for me is a vast improvement in the quality of my sleep. I have been a restless, light sleeper for many years. No longer. Only on days when I don't use the machine do I have problems sleeping. My blood pressure has been consistently good.

I use the machine on a very solid tile-over-concrete floor, so that little noise is created.

This machine is not a toy. The vibrations that it produces when used in manual mode span levels from very low to extremely high. I would recommend the VT003F as an economical machine to improve the quality of life.

April Higson, Pennsylvania
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 3/12/2020

I had done research on the lymphatic system and how it works in our bodies. Within that research I learned that the lymphatic system does not have a pump to circulate the fluids through the system and that it depends on gravity. With lifestyles today being much more stationary these fluids do not circulate properly. The problem with this is that the lymphatic system is like the drainage system of our bodies that eliminates things our body does not want in there (metals, etc). These things, like metals, get caught in the lymphatic system and hide causing major illness (cancer, diabetes, etc).

I did a lot of research on which plate to purchase. I did not need a lot of bells and whistles, I just needed something that would help with this circulation. I needed only a linear vibration with a single motor. I could have found a plate much cheaper but it would have had two motors and may have had more options. But! The research I found was that many times the two motors stop working in sync and cause problems (no proof of that, just what I read).

I use my machine every morning for 20 minutes, set to a strong vibration. I can feel the vibration in every part of my body depending on the position my body is in. Those pesty puffy bags that can form under the eyes overnight...I can feel them getting jiggled loose!

Jay, I hope this is not too long. I do not regret purchasing the VT003F machine. Beyond knowing it is helping to keep me healthy, I feel like I just had a body massage when it shuts off!!

Allison Castle, Iowa
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 3/8/2020

We love our VT003F from Vibration Therapeutics. I first tried a vibration plate during a detox circuit with a holistic practitioner and knew I wanted one for myself! In my research I was drawn to the reasonable price, the warranty and the frequency range available with the VT003F. I got to experience Vibration Therapeutics outstanding customer service before even using our vibration plate as our first one was damaged in shipping. Jay responded immediately and we received a replacement within a week. I feel amazing after using our VT003F! I love the preset programs. I sit at a computer frequently for work and can feel a huge difference in my lymphatic drainage and circulation. It has also been great for tight, sore muscles. When I step off the vibration plate I feel like I have just had an amazing massage. I am always recommending this machine to friends and family and whenever they come over I have them try it :). Our VT003F has become an important part of my health and wellness routine and I would highly recommend it!

Andrew, Illinois
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 3/11/2020

I have owned the VT003F Linear Vibration Plate for almost 10 months now. I use it daily because it's a simple and effective workout that brings positive results. It seems to improve metabolism, makes supplements more effective, and in general enhances the sense of well-being. The machine performs much better when placed on a hard surface.

Pros: portable, easy to use, powerful, no side effects.

Cons: 1)When switching from low to high level of vibration the switching mechanism sometimes gets stuck in the middle and will deliver the vibration that is somewhere between low and high. Although if you switch back and forth between these two and run it at low vibration first and then run it at high vibration it will run correctly, it gets a little frustrating. 2)The timer will always reset to 10min setting after each session.

Darcy Clark, California
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 1/22/2020

I have owned the VT003F vibration plate for one year now and would never want to be without it. I am a 56 year old woman who struggles with stiffness and inflammation, I use this most every morning for 4 minutes to get my blood flowing. This machine is so versatile, you can use it standing, sitting, or even laying on it, you can isolate different body parts, it greatly reduces the pain and stiffness in my hands when I place them directly on the platform. Even if you have an injury or feel too tired you can still use this, I can't say the same about my mini trampoline. At the first sign of a cold, I'll stand on it for 2 minutes on setting 33, Low amplitude, you can really feel it vibrating your lymphatic system, sinuses, and tonsils, so far this has stopped sickness from developing. Customer service is superb.

Darcy Clark, California
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 1/22/2020

I have owned the VT003F vibration plate for one year now and would never want to be without it. I am a 56 year old woman who struggles with stiffness and inflammation, I use this most every morning for 4 minutes to get my blood flowing. This machine is so versatile, you can use it standing, sitting, or even laying on it, you can isolate different body parts, it greatly reduces the pain and stiffness in my hands when I place them directly on the platform. Even if you have an injury or feel too tired you can still use this, I can't say the same about my mini trampoline. At the first sign of a cold, I'll stand on it for 2 minutes on setting 33, Low amplitude, you can really feel it vibrating your lymphatic system, sinuses, and tonsils, so far this has stopped sickness from developing. Customer service is superb.

Lyn Morrison, California
Product: VT003F | Purchase Date: 12/29/2019

I am very happy with my machine. After a lot of research on other seller's machines, I went with this because they actually list data on the vibration output so you can look at the health affect. It was a good value too. It is a pretty strong vibration for a home device. I've had it for over a year now, and it helps for muscle warm-up before a workout or sports activity. It also helps for slight muscle pain after a workout. Lyn M. San Francisco Bay Area