VT003F Vibration Plate User Review

Disclaimer & Warning

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We are not medical professionals. Although we share our understanding and learnings about vibration therapy, its applications, benefits, limitation and risks, we never intend to provide health and therapeutic advice to any specific person for any specific use. Please do your own research and consult medical expert about the use of high frequency linear vibration machine like VT003F, before you purchase or use it.

The use of VIBRATION THERAPEUTIC ® vibration machine is entirely on user’s discretion.

Please read all instructions before using this product. We assume no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through using our products.

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Vibration plate machines are not for children or pregnant women to use.

Just like it can positively affect the user, vibration machine can adversely impact the user if not used properly or used under a wrong condition.

If you have medical conditions, please do discuss with medical expert to decide if using this machine for vibration therapy is a good fit for you.

If you have implant, heart disease or serious motion sickness, vibration therapy may not be for you.

Do not use vibration immediately after physical injury and surgery.

Do not use vibration immediately after meal.

Excessive exposure to intensive vibration can pose a health hazard.