VT003F for leg cramps

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VT003F Vibration Plate for Leg Cramps

Calvin, 3/28/2020

★★★★★   Made a believer out of this skeptic!

I got this for my wife 4 months ago because she had used a similar device at her sister’s house and liked it. I had my doubts and thought it was all hyperbole and snake oil, but had to keep the wife happy, right? Anyway, she was happy with it and started using it every day. Curiosity got the best of me so I tried it a few times and afterwards actually found myself feeling like I had been working out. What was also strange was the tingling all up and down my skin, especially my legs, which indicated to me that something was definitely working the neurological system.
Anyway, about a month after we had it, I got a really bad cramp in my leg, which I do get often and usually doesn’t go away for about a day. Then I thought, hey, why not try the machine? After just five minutes I was flabbergasted that the cramp in my leg was totally gone!!! It made a true believer out of me. Now both my wife and I use it everyday for about 20 minutes. We both feel more invigorated so much that we even take it with us when we travel! We are both in our 60’s and recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality vibration platform that is just as effective and much cheaper than the $2000 units out there, and much better than the other ones in this price range that are more like toys.