VT003F Vibration Plate
VT003F Vibration Plate
VT003F Vibration Plate

VT003F Vibration Plate

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Lisa Westlund
Durable, easy to use, and invigorating!

I purchased my Vibration Therapeutics VT003F Vibration Plate about 6 years ago because my primary care physician said some studies suggest they can help with osteoporosis. I hadn't been able to use it as much as I'd like to recently due to having to get my house market ready, selling, and moving. Then to my dismay, once I finally moved and unpacked my unit, I couldn't find my remote, which is incredibly handy and makes using it much easier. I was worried I might not be able to get it replaced, but when I contacted the company, Jay responded quickly, was incredibly kind, and got right on shipping me out a new one, which should be here in a day or two. I'm kind of glad I lost it now because he let me know he shares studies online on the benefits of vibration therapy and ways to use the plate. I am really looking forward to using it more now that I am settled and can't wait to read through his studies and hopefully glean some new knowledge and learn some new exercises. I will say every time I have used it in the past it left me feeling invigorated and more energetic, and I usually sleep well. I also have fibromyalgia and get frequent leg cramps, and I'm sure it improves circulation and helps stave off the middle of the night cramps, so I get a better night's sleep. While I looked at numerous whole-body vibration machines, including ones with handles that were way more expensive (not to mention way heavier!), I liked the reviews for this model, and am so happy I purchased it...It's a great little machine to add to your health and fitness regimen!

Best affordable linear vibration platform. Hoping to arrest osteoporosis.

I have severe osteoporosis, and even though I am healthy and fit, I recently had a couple of fragility fractures in my foot. I finally decided I have to throw everything I can at this problem, and along with medical care and many supplements, I decided to investigate vibration. Quickly learned that only linear (not oscillating) vibration will stimulate bone growth. Even then the research is not clear that mature adults will benefit. The research that showed the positive effects of linear vibration was done with children (who were recovering from chemotherapy). You cannot necessarily extrapolate to adults. However, there were also some testimonials from adults who had been using another very expensive linear vibration platform, in which they said that they absolutely experienced increased bone mineral density. I am not convinced but I am willing to give it a go. I do understand the theory of why this could be of benefit to bones, the method of operation, so to speak, and that is more than I can say about the drug that I am being encouraged to start taking.

Update, now, nearly two years later, I am still using this platform every day (once a day for 10 minutes) and it is still operating perfectly. Is it helping my bones? Who knows, really: but I haven't had any fragility fractures since starting to use this. (Still taking supplements but not taking any osteoporosis drugs)

Super powerful and um user friendly

I got this after I bought one of the more highly marketed vibration plates that was pretty weak and basic even though it said it was 3D. I heard about this vibration plate from a forum with tons of research. I have not been disappointed. This little guy is quite powerful and I haven't even tapped into the capabilities yet. I feel vibration throughout my whole body and can change where I feel it based on my posture and stance. The old vibration plate just wiggled around. This tells me how many hertz I'm at and ranges from 15-40. The other plate only had levels and no information on actual hertz but I later found out it was maybe in the 2-10 Hz range. Pretty weak. The other plate feels just like souped up marketing where this plate actually delivers. I have not been disappointed and will keep this as part of my health regimen for years to come.

Outstanding customer support

I used my VT003F for almost 2 years when it started making some terrible noises and didn't vibrate. I contacted the manufacturer and Jay immediately diagnosed the problem. He offered to have me send the unit back for repair or send me a new control box. I chose the latter and it arrived quickly -- including a short screwdriver to get at one of the screws. It was an easy fix and now it's working perfectly again. I've recommended the unit to friends and family but the customer service is the truly outstanding feature.

LOVE the results!

I have cancer-induced lymphedema that affects my legs. Visual results after first session!