VT007 Vibration Plate
VT007 Linear Vibration Plate, 15 - 40Hz
VT007 Linear Vibration Plate, 15 - 40Hz
VT007 Linear Vibration Plate, 15 - 40Hz
VT007 Linear Vibration Plate, 15 - 40Hz
VT007 Linear Vibration Plate, 15 - 40Hz
VT007 Linear Vibration Plate, 15 - 40Hz

VT007 Linear Vibration Plate, 15 - 40Hz

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  • [Optimized Structure, Refined Materials]
    VT007 vibration plate is re-engineered from our popular model VT003F. Increased structural stability and minimized mechanical noise are achieved by reducing part count and separating the control box from the machine body.
    New manufacturing processes and materials are adopted. Less assembly jobs result in higher quality consistency.
    The separated control box is not subject to vibration, extending the lifespan of electronic components and the circuits.
  • [Industrial Style, Rugged Construction]
    VT007 is designed in a modern industrial style for simplification and serviceability. Its solid and strong components remain in their original manufactured forms, without cover-up or unnecessary decoration. The core vibration drive is securely enclosed for guaranteed safety.
    While the structure is in an open style, there is no compromise on finishing and craftsmanship. VT007 is a robust, reliable and durable machine in its timeless aesthetic appearance.
  • [Designed to Achieve Resonance]
    VT007's vibration frequency range (15-40Hz) is designed to achieve resonance effect on muscle tissues, enabling efficient energy transfer. VT007 effectively induces muscle contraction, which stimulates the connecting tissues including tendons, ligaments, nerves and bones.
    VT007 activates and exercises the musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular system, enhancing their functionality. The muscle activities also promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • [Versatile Applications]
    With adjustable frequency and two amplitude settings, VT007 is suitable for many people, from athletes and to elderly. 3 built-in programs provide a spectrum of frequency and amplitude change in one session.
    New users can adapt to high frequency vibration by progressing from low intensity to high intensity gradually. VT007 is user-friendly, light weight, compact size but provides a large and flat exercise area.

Tech Specifications

Type of Vibration Linear Vibration
Vibration Frequency 15 - 40 Hz Adjustable, 1 Hz incremental
Amplitude High
3 mm, at no load condition
Amplitude Low 0.7 mm, at no load condition
G-force @NoLoad: 0.25-3.65
@180Lb: 0.16-3.02
Machine Size L22" x W16" x H5.7"
Machine Net Weight 23 LB
Electric Motor 80W PMDC Motor, 900-2400RPM
Power Supply AC 110V / 60Hz
Max User Body Weight 140 KG / 308 LB

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