VT007 Vibration Plate
VT007 Vibration Plate
VT007 Vibration Plate

VT007 Vibration Plate

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sal chen
Why I chose VT007

I am a happy user of VT007 vibration plate. I am a retiree living in Singapore.

I have read scientific reviews and research papers on the efficacy of vibration plates for muscle and bone health and decided on Vibration Therapeutic's VT007 because of its reasonable pricing and no-frill parameters.

After just a week of 10 minutes twice a day sessions, the muscle aches at my lower back disappeared. I now perform squats and leg raise daily on the plate. Will be going for a bone scan in May. Hope there will be improvement in my osteopenia condition.

Another reassurance for choosing VT is the responsiveness of the company's after sales service. I have yet to come across another company to rival it's after sales service.

Tony Furukawa
VT007 vs. GH Accelerator

If a blinded subject is asked to evaluate VT007 vs. GH Accelerator without being informed of the price, I am sure the subject most likely would think VT007 is a more expensive model. VT007 is far more quiet, has adjustable frequency and amplitude, has a remote control. GH Accelerator has a fixed freqency, no amplitude switch.

Sometimes I still like to use GH Accelerator. It is designed to use with X3 bar. I do like the convenience of not needing to change the frequency. Second, GH Accelerator is smaller than VT007.

My X3 bar belt encircles GH, so after the exercise, I can simply put down the bar on the floor. With VT007, the belt does not encircle the unit. If I just put down the bar, it will lean on one side of the unit. Since I do not want a 40+ lbs object constantly leaning on one side of the unit, I need to move the bar away from the unit after each use. So I am keeping GH Accelerator as a dedicated unit for X3 bar training.

GH Accelerator does not come with a remote control. You turn on the machine by stepping onto the plate, and you turn it off by hopping off the plate. The main problem is that as I hop off GH Accelerator, it makes a very loud noise when the plate is still vibrating without any weight on it.

In order to solve this problem, I always need to have the control box (which is similar to that of VT007) within my hand's reach, and turn off the switch before I hop off the plate.

VT007 does not have this problem. You could choose to use the control box, or you can use the remote control, to turn on and off the machine.

Also, since the base plate on GH Accelerator is removable, it certainly makes rattling noise as I move my foot positions, or as I step on it, which does not happen with VT007.

VT007 is definitely superior to GH Accelerator in terms of the quietness of the operation. Price-wise, $400 vs $1600.

Nancy B
A Great Purchase!

I am very impressed with this item. The women in my family have a high risk for osteoporosis so my main goal is to increase my bone density even if it is just a little bit.

I chose this particular brand because it includes the frequency range shown to increase bone density, 15 to 40 Hz according to research available on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website.
I also have very painful muscle cramps and this helps with the pain.
It is easy to connect the power adapter and the adapter connects tightly so it won't vibrate off easily.
I really feel like I've had a good workout after working out on the VT007 vibration platform.
Very, very sturdy!
It comes with a great warranty too.
The customer support is stellar, the best support I've ever received. The package wasn't properly delivered in the package manager system my apartment complex uses so I thought it wasn't delivered. I sent an email through Amazon and received quick support and the support continued as long as I needed it.
I also received a description for doing an L squat for exercise while on the platform. What a great workout, I'm exhausted!

The only con I see is the weight of the machine. It's only 23 pounds but that is a little difficult for me to move around. I just made sure it was in a place I could use and hold onto something for support.

I am very pleased with this purchase and I highly recommend the VT007 Linear Vibration Plate.

P. S.: I also purchased the Diversitech MP4-E E. V. A. Anti-Vibration Pack of 4 Pads, 4" x 4" x 7/8" to put under each foot. I don't think I would have needed it though. I don't notice any vibration transmitted to the walls of floor but I am in a first floor apartment.

Frank R. Nichols
Solid, Powerful, Versatile

I am very happy with this product.

Top quality construction. Seems larger in real life (I am 6' 3" and 260 lbs, so that's a good thing) and is very very stable-feeling when I stand on it.
The remote control (pictured) is simple to understand.
The owner's manual is printed on very high quality large format paper. Easy to read for older people such as me and my wife. Excellent and thorough while being easy to understand.

We've used it twice a day for about two weeks now. My wife holds onto the stove counter (pictured) and bends her hips and knees so that she can stimulate her hip bones (she has mild osteoporosis). This is called an "L squat" exercise, specifically for hip joints, muscles and bones.

I stand straight and vary the frequency which stimulates my feet, ankles and legs.

The manufacturer is careful to not make medical claims, but my wife and I have researched various articles and studies of vibration plate therapy's possible benefits and decided to get this one because of its variable frequency and strength. I was surprised that on higher settings, standing straight, I can feel it in my neck bones and make my teeth chatter (if I relax my jaw just right).

It's quiet. Very quiet. I can still watch the TV twelve feet away without changing the volume. My wife who was sitting on the sofa watching the same TV with her back to me - had to ask me if I'd used the machine or not (she couldn't hear it).

A nice feature is that it has a built-in timer which counts down and automatically shuts off at the end of the routine. This is more convenient than constantly checking a clock.

I would buy this as a gift for my best friend.

Jean Whitinger

Well designed, offers options as advertised. Easy to use. Controls offer good variety of options for different user needs. Compared to the price of other vibration plates in this category, it is a great value.