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VT020-3 Vibration Plate - Pivotal Oscillation

VT020-3 Whole Body Vibration Machine - Highly Recommend! I received my new VT020-3 oscillating whole body vibration machine last week. I love it! I’ve been using it every day and am already experiencing noticeable health benefits. I’m sleeping better – my restless leg syndrome is occurring less frequently and the attacks are less severe, the swelling in my ankles is reduced and, though I’m not sure the whole body vibration plate could be responsible for this, the arthritis in my hip is not as troublesome. I have bought, tried and returned several whole body vibration machines in the last few...

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VT003F vibration cured my "permanent" knee ACL damage

I believe the multiplied G force in repeated short pulse from vibration provides needed stimulation for cell re-generation. Because each stimulation is just a fraction of a second, the multiplied gravity would not cause injury.

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