VT020-3 Vibration Plate - Pivotal Oscillation

VT020-3 Whole Body Vibration Machine - Highly Recommend!

I received my new VT020-3 oscillating whole body vibration machine last week. I love it! I’ve been using it every day and am already experiencing noticeable health benefits. I’m sleeping better – my restless leg syndrome is occurring less frequently and the attacks are less severe, the swelling in my ankles is reduced and, though I’m not sure the whole body vibration plate could be responsible for this, the arthritis in my hip is not as troublesome.

I have bought, tried and returned several whole body vibration machines in the last few months – looking for a machine that fulfills the promise of vibration therapy described in the many articles (and one book) I’ve read on the topic. After a lot of searching and a lot of disappointment I am very happy to have found the VT020-3 and will not be returning it. It’s such a relief to have finally found a machine that is helping with my health issues. A huge relief to finally be sleeping better (restless leg syndrome, in case you don’t know, makes sleep impossible – and can be torture) and to feel that I’m getting healthier!

What I discovered in my search for a whole body vibration machine is that most of the under $500 models look similar and have similar features, as though manufactured by the same company, with slight customization by each distributor. This machine is unique. It looks different from the others, has a practical, user friendly and functional design and provides the best and most powerful oscillating vibration of any of the models I’ve tried. I can see my legs jiggling violently even at the middle settings – and it feels so good!

Besides the machine itself, the Vibration Therapeutics website contains a lot of really good information. I highly recommend reading it! The clarity of the writing and the wide range of details, including study results, really help in understanding how vibration therapy works, and its benefits – and (for an analytical person looking for answers) is a pleasure to read!

One more thing – if you use the remote that comes with the machine you can go up to an intensity of 50. However, you can use the up arrow on the control panel on the machine itself to go up to 60. Very powerful vibration at that setting!

If you want an excellent whole body vibration machine - this is the one!


Marge Ellsworth

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